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5 Weeks, 3600 miles

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So far so good with my new ride, but a few things just popped up in the past few days.
- left rear window will not go up without help. Seems to be out of track at the back.
- Average MPH display does not change from 36 MPH. Been like this for 4 days.
- The engine fan, from turning the car on in the morning (cold) kicks right into high/very fast speed, and seems to stay at this rate for my entire drive.

Has anyone experienced any of these conditions?
Any diagnosis?
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Re: 5 Weeks, 3600 miles (eVOLVOer)

You're right. when the window is going up, the front tries to go up, and the back stays low (sorry, hard to describe). If I grab the window at the back and help it up, the front moves up easily.
Does the window travel in two channels?
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