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5.5 years of trouble-free ownership comes to an end

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Yesterday got "Brake fluid low Service Urgent Message". This happened last August and they just topped off the fluid and it was fine. I stopped by today to get the brake fluid topped off and about an hour later the clutch went--just got stuck down. I was able to get it out of gear and glide into a parking lot. Had it towed to the dealer and I noticed a small puddle of brown fluid on the pavement under where the engine was. Only 39K on the clutch and I'm been driving manuals my whole life. This sure sounds similar to the slave cylinder problems that others have had. I'm out of warranty and I'm assuming this means replacement of the whole clutch assembly which sounds like it usually in the $2500-$3000? Any suggestions to mention to the SA at Weaver Bros on Monday morning?


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Re: 5.5 years of trouble-free ownership comes to an end (PB11)

Yes, you will have to replace the clutch assy unless for some miricle no fluid got onto the clutch, but at 39000 miles you need to lobby Volvo and your selling dealer for some "goodwill" money, all dealers have a fund for this, for either some or all of the bill.
Re: 5.5 years of trouble-free ownership comes to an end (JRL)

Unfortunately my "selling dealer" Crown Volvo in Chapel Hill closed shop a year ago. I have been going to Weaver Bros in Cary for services since--but today it was towed to the closest dealer which is Weaver Bros. in Raleigh. I don't even know the SA's name there....seems like a long shot to get any "goodwill" but I'll try.

Have the same problem about the brake fluid service urgent. I have to take it in. Let me know if find any soultions?
Re: (PC Diesel)

Update on my situation. I talked with the service manager at Weaver Brothers today and got some good news and bad news. The bad news is that--as I expected--the whole clutch and slave cylinder need to be replaced. They estimated the cost of the whole job to be about $4K.

Good news is that the service manager says that Volvo NA has agreed to pay for all but $500 of this repair! http://********************/smile/emthup.gif I a called back twice to make sure I heard correctly. This was huge!

I'm picking up the car tomorrow--hopefully nothing has changed....

Thanks to JRL to suggesting that I ask the SA to check with Volvo for partial coverage on this....I owe you a

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