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4c help please!

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4c help please! RESOLVED!!!!

Please see page two for the resolution of the problem.

I have replaced all 4 shocks, the front accelerometers and the two level sensors and am stilling not getting the system to work. This has to be the most frustrating system known to man. I can not calibrate the system because it says the right level sensor voltage is to low. I am getting .21 volts on the right rear and 2.8 volts on the left rear. Can someone help me? I put a brand new one on the right rear from FCP and have swapped two used ones on the left rear. I have invested way too much money in this to not have it work. I understand that it could be the accelerometer inside. Where is it and how do I test it?

Thanks in advanced, very frustrated
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Further food for thought my right headlight is extremely low.
Sounds like the linkage is on the wrong side. I have no idea if it can be or how wide the movement range is.
Is that really possible? I am willing to try anything at this point.
Now that I think about it could also be wiring issue. Monitor voltage in VIDA and go twist and turn the harness, see if any change.
Monitor the rear level sensor voltages and then slowly raise the rear of the car until the voltages are close to equal and then try to calibrate the SUM.
I didn't think the level sensors are supposed to have equal values, since they move in opposite directions.
Just went back out and it does not appear possible for it be backwards. I tried to put the rod and bracket on from the new sensor, but there is no way it will work.
I didn't think the level sensors are supposed to have equal values, since they move in opposite directions.
Correct but sometimes to get the SUM to calibrate, it likes to see the Voltages closer.
Ok, I will try it again after this storm gets out of here. What about the interior accelerometers?
Any other thoughts, the car is completely stock spring and shock wise?

Won't raising the rear mes up my headlights?
I have had success in the past raising the rear about an inch and then calibrating the SUM. As long as you don't have the headlights manually adjust up too high, they should be fine. Wagons are usually the ones you have to do this trick in order to calibrate.
Well I had my wife watch Vida and I disconnected the arm to the level sensor and moved it with no change in voltage. Am I definitely looking at a wiring harness issue? Is there a sub harness or is it part of the main rear harness? Is it possible it is an issue with the rear accelerometer? I am trying to figure this out as soon as I can.
Sounds like a circuit short.
Any thoughts on where to start looking, anyone know here the wires come through the body?
Went out and played around with the wires while my wife watched the voltage and no change really. I found the end of the harness and all wires appear ok as far as you can see them.

Now I am getting a headlamp failure due to the right side, I assume this is all related as it is the right level sensor.
I have knowledge on this. So you replaced the rear lvl sensors and your getting a .21 reading. Moving the arm doesnt change it. Do you have the old one you can hook up and see if it registers movement.

Heres a thread on the FB group that may help you.

Hi Jeremy,

I tried this with the original sensor prior to swapping in the new one. I can not access your facebook page (I don't have an account) but would love to know what you did to fix this. I can retry the old sensor again, but I swapped it to the left and it works fine.
Would you be able to copy and paste it onto this sight. I borrowed a login and the group is closed.
Hey, ok, sorry. You have to be added to the group. But if your not on there its fine.. it was a long thread with general sum knowledge.. Different than your specific issues.
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