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4 Heico door pins for sale

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I purchased the pins from Scott Hart and installed them over a week ago. I then changed my mind about the Heico pins and went with takspeed. Three of the four Heico pins had the plastic centers come off as I was unscrewing the pins.

I asked Scott if they were still good and he said they are fine to use again. He recommended a dab of crazy glue and they are as good as new.

So if anyone is interested in four used pins (no scratches on them), then let me know. I paid 59 plus 7 for shipping (though I have seen them for 48 plus 14 for shipping).

Thanks for reading!!

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Re: 4 Heico door pins for sale (pie_ya)

I'm interested if you can ship to UK.
IM sent
Re: 4 Heico door pins for sale (pie_ya)

Sold and going on a long trip to the UK. http://********************/smile/emthup.gif http://********************/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: 4 Heico door pins for sale (pie_ya)

http://********************/smile/emlove.gif http://********************/smile/emlove.gif

Bling Bling here I come!
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