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4 17" pegs

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They have just alittle curb rash but are in good condition. The tires that are on them are practically worthless, 3 tires are worn down to the tread bar and the 4th has like 1/4th tread life left. But i could keep them on if you'd like. $400. pics to follow in the morning.
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Re: (fightinchunk)

I'm interested. pics, pics, pics http://********************/smile/emthup.gif
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hmmm we need to speak again lol
Re: (Chilled Man)

I am in Atlanta and very interested in the wheels. I have been looking for a cheap set of Perfos for my 850 but nothing is local. If they are in Atlanta I would like to see them. It would be very nice to deal face to face rather than shipping. I will be working all day Sat but might be around Sunday.

If they are in NJ do you drive back and forth? When could you have them down in GA. I am actually not in a big rush if they are not in GA. Please let me know.

email is [email protected]
so my dad is in town so I've got my own version of hell week going on right now. If I make it past today, i'll get the pics up asap. sorry for the wait.

also.. can the penguin guy IM me back again... I can't get a hold of how to use SS IMing. we need private messaging like other boards.
ill scoop these up if your in jersey
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