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In addition to the regular LOF, the dealer attempted to calibrate the headlights after my accident a month or so ago where the headlights had to be replaced.

Unfortunately, the car was not accepting the calibration so the tech looked closely at the new headlights. Looking closely, the bezel on one of the headlights was off-kilter and definitely not in the same position as the other one. It seemed to be interfering with the upward adjustment as well. I have noticed that one to not be aligned properly (pointing too far to the right) but didn't really know what the issue was. Either it was a manufacturing defect or the unit was damaged during shipment and installation. Suffice to say, the dealer has ordered another headlight.

Just wanted to bring this up if anybody has had to install new headlights and one or both don't seem quite right. Props to my dealer for taking the time to get behind the issue and not just give me the "they all do that" thing.
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