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3 Favotite/3 Least Favorite

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Well everyone, I was wondering, what are your 3 favorite and 3 least favorite things about your 850's.

1. Speed... raw out power "Sport mode"
2. Color, you can't beat the Fiery Red
3. Turbocharger sound... psssssshhhhhh

Least Favorites
1. "Sport mode" really likes gas
2. Torque steer
3. Tire eating... must have a light foot... impossible!

Overall, I LOVE this car...

by the way, is this car a guy or a girl? I think mine's a guy... haha, I know I'm obsessed with my car!!!!! Aren't we all?!

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1) Power Delivery At Speed - Not much else can compete
2) Good Looks - The R is just Beefy
3) Stock Handling - The stock suspension on the R is an amazing thing. It's one of the first cars I haven't wanted to mod the suspension.

1) Stock brakes warp like crazy - we replaced them
2) Off The Line Acceleration - The car isn't all that quick off the line, but move into the torque curve in sports mode and lookout!
3) No Manual Tranny - Volvo should have offered this.

3-Build quality

Least Favorites

1-Tire wear
2-Traction (Racing off the line)
3-Putting car away for winter

George, the manual tranny is not a problem up here HaHa! The red R wagon I hope to get in the spring if all goes as planned and the owner will give it up is a stick.
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My List~
1-Engine and Power.-----Can't beat the 30-80 sprint, we know nobody else can!!
2-Appearance----The subtleties on the "R" and T-5R make it look innocent, yet sinester.
Favorite 3:

1) Damn comfy R seats
2) Great power up top, pulls better from 50-120 than any other car i have driven.
3) Perfect looks in my opinion.

Least Favorite:

1) a couple interior rattles when cold and on bumpy roads
2) FWD is not great for handling
3) stiff ride and loud Pirelli tires

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1) Ultimate Q-ship (stealthy speed)
2) Nobody else makes a fire engine red wagon
3) Fat sway bars

Least favs:
1) No clear coat on a red car = major paint fading
2) Stinkin' 5x108 bolt pattern makes finding wheels difficult
3) Whenever you mention Volvo & speed, nobody takes you seriously
1) Power
2) Look
3) Exclusivity (hey..at least I haven't seen one like mine)

1) Weak parts from the factory, not built for performance
2) Weight distribution of THIS FWD, heavy is not too bad, but nose heavy makes this FWD less serious for handling.
3) Could have been cheaper.

Originally posted by The_one_n_only:
3) Exclusivity (hey..at least I haven't seen one like mine)
YOU have an 850? Since when, post-padder!

Originally posted by towerymt:
YOU have an 850? Since when, post-padder!

D'oH~!!! You got me on that one. heheheh..I seriously didn't think about this was about the 850. >:p
haha, that's OK. What's the difference between a C70 and an 850? They're not THAT different.. haha, Volvo's a volvo, they're all great... at least the quick ones are

I agree with schaff70, none of my friends believe me either when I say fast and volvo in the same sentence, they laugh.
1) Straight line acceleration - and acceleration - and acceleration (got it to 130 and it was STILL going)
2) Comfort at speed - keeps you focussed on the road rather than in the car
3) Loadability even on my saloon.

1) Parking paranoia about kerbing the wheels (and I did it in a car wash -urgh!)
2) Slightly ponderous handling even with the R suspension and strut brace
3) Massive thirst for super unleaded makes it an expensive car to run in the UK where petrol is nearly £1 per litre.

Still, I wouldn't change it except for the convertible Jaguar.

Best stock stereo I've ever heard!


Labeling of instrumentation - At night, I can't remember if the REC and A/C buttons lit up mean on or off!

Very expensive to maintain - (little LCD light on dash goes out - $150+). Headlamp lenses are $130 each ! Robbery !

I bought mine from a privately owned Volvo shop. He did my 120K service for about $350, (dealer was $450) but socked me for an additional $36 to rotate the tires! (He said volvo recommends balancing with every rotation - I think that's a crock unless I'm off-roading or hittin' potholes, curbs regularly.
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Jeff, your dealer was right about balancing - see my post about someone's vibration.

The low pros on the R are expensive and need lots of TLC to last any time - regular balancing and re-tracking say every 3 months really does pay off in tyre life and low NVH.

It also gives you the opportunity to check out the underside and the wheel well area to avoid loose connections that give false ABS fault indicators - another regular 850 problem.

1. 261.4 HP ATW! Power is nice

2. Style and personality Car is one of many but still one of a kind!
3. Interior is soo sweet! Black leather, red walnut trim, BLUE LED dash, and SC-901 stereo! How could you not love it!?

1. Cops and red paint!
2. Weak handling in a few areas
3. Putting away for winter

Yeah, okay...she is not stock but who cares. Out of 15-cars I have owned in my lifetime, my 850 is still my fave! I love to drive and work on this machine. It is strong and well designed. It has 203K miles on it and still feels better than most cars built today. The fact I have been able to do my own thing with the body and interior as well as the driveline just makes it soo much better. The car is just as individual as me. That's what I love about it.

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Originally posted by Prospero:

1. 261.4 HP ATW! Power is nice

2. Style and personality Car is one of many but still one of a kind!
3. Interior is soo sweet! Black leather, red walnut trim, BLUE LED dash, and SC-901 stereo! How could you not love it!?

I only have 259. something FWHP.
No power at all....
One of kind....hmm...seriously haven't seen any C70 looks just like me.
Interior...well, no blue LED, but I'll live.
Silver/Gray leather and REAL wood trim....I'm pretty content. Stereo...hmmm...that one you'd have to be the judge yourself.
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Sounds like some serious HP when we all get togrther on the roads next summer, we will travel in a pack and hunt down V8's. Sound like fun?
Ouch! Damn Kai, take it easy on me. I am human after all.

BTW...what are you doing here in the 800 series forum anyhow? You don't even have an 850!

Also, my wood is real too! It is real, solid, walnut. I'll show you next time you're in the car. Now, as far as the stereo goes...at least I have a sub! So HA! Take that mr.c70 guy! I hope you have issues sleeping tonight because of that reality.

Man...always someone out to pick on me...geez, can't I have a nice car too?


Just messin with ya Kai! You know how I feel about the cars. Guess it doesn't require an expert to see that your car is God's own creation and nothing else compares.
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