Below is a link to a much more long winded, but fully explained post regarding a group buy for a cheap air intake for 3L cars that replaces the top of the factory airbox, allowing you to run a POD/open element filter for more of those beautiful induction and turbo noises everyone loves. This works with stock intake piping, iPd, Elevate, and Snabb, as they all have a 3" coupler to accept the factory airbox, which this fabricated piece will match. I 3D printed out the file to test fitment on my '15 S60 T6, and those pictures can be found in the thread below.

This intake pipe should work with ALL 3.0L T6 cars, whether it be S60, V60, or XC60. Only difference I have found if MAF wiring length, which the MAF flange on the new pipe is positioned in a way that shouldn't cause problems on any models, but if you have anything other than an S60, please try your best to verify beforehand if it looks like you have enough MAF wire slack.

The metal fabricated pipe that you would be buying would be powder coated, be made from 304 stainless, and the MAF flange a small single billet block machined and then welded on to the intake pipe. It will also have standard flared ends for clamp/hose retention. You will just need to buy an appropriately sized 3" filter. The one that I have that fits nicely in the shoeprint of the lower factory airbox is 6" in height.

If I even get 4 others interested, my fabricator let me know they would likely be under $100 each for 5+ total, and cheaper so on. So total price will depend on how many total pieces get ordered, so please respond below if this sounds like something you would participate in.