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2nd turbo?

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Hi, I'm the owner of a black 1996 850R wagon, and I'm thinking about putting in a second turbo, running in series with the stock one. A friend of mine pulled something similar with a Porsche, brought the compression up to some insane figures, and his car HAULS. I was leaning towards a second high-pressure Volvo one, any advice?

P.S. - The gray plastic on the trim strips has all cracked off, and it looks horrible. Is anyone else having this problem??
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hmmmm twin turbo, could you find the room or the money? i would look eles were b 4 putting a second turbo..


Originally posted by ChrisNylen:
Well for there to be 2 turbos, you need 2 sources of exhaust, for any turbo for the turbo to spool up, it needs exhaust fumes. So I do not see how this will work if there is only one set of headers. 2 headers would be the way to do this.
the way you do it is have a small turbo and a larger one, the 2 turbos join togeather so the exhaust from the small turbo runs direct into the larger one. this gives a quicker spool up, with the advatage of a broader touque range.

there was a twin system turbo made were this type of configeration was done , but it provided too much boost, i5t ws a epermental type system. i had a pic but dont no what happened to i t, i will try to find it.

1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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