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245 Tailgate Wiring Harness

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I am going to replace the right(passenger) rear wiring harness. Has anyone here done that? Any help or suggestions? Is it a pain in the a$$? Should i just take it to my mechanic?
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Thanks for the quick feedback, but my wiring is not like that. Mine goes through the hinge that holds the tailgate to the car. It looks to me that the wiring harness on that car is not installed the same way. Any other suggestions?
what towerymt ment is, you should run your wires like the picture..
i think we already discussed this in another thread but anyway...
in the hinge the wires brake..this can be fixed, there is a solid fixed earth wire that cant be fixed...there is wires running in both hinges.now to replace these will result in minor trouble..you can replcae thes wire by yourself but both hinges MUST be rmoved from both door and body. it is seriously not worth going to the trouble of doing this so an easy way of doing it is to run the wire through the bolt holes to the body. as the picture dipicts..you will never have the wires brakeing agin and its alot quicker..
good luck.

I see now. Thank you. I am sorry for the second thread, but I searched for "tailgate", "wiring" and "harness" in this forum, but came back with no results. I will complete this job and post my results with a picture.
no problem glad to help. that would be great.

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