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245 question

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I am currently looking at 2, 245's, one a 93 with 125k, the other a 83 with 107k. The 93 is an east coast car at a dealers with a little rust on the bottom of the left passenger door, other than that it is a nice car overall however, took a considerable amount of time in recon to get it to look the way it does including "cutting the paint". I saw the car b/f the detail was done.
The 83 is a calif. car private 2nd owner and has no rust and for the year is in much better overall shape. Fade paint otherwise in great shape!
I drove the 83 today and each time I would pull off from a stop there was a noticeable humming noise that would stop after the car got moving and then start again each time I would start, it sounded like it was coming from the front of the car but I am not sure and neither is the owner.
Any ideas what the noise is and I am curious what other people would choose. I really want to get rid of my 84 turbo for a 2nd wagon.

thanks in advance
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Re: 245 question (frogman)

Welcome back to Swedespeed, Scott.

The '83 sounds like a failing harmonic balancer along with bad motor mounts. Could also be a bad alternator or failing water pump.

A loose fan/drive belt may make this noise as will one with frayed edges.

Check the mounts for all the driven components under the hood - power steering pump, alternator, etc.

Look at the service records for recent repairs.

Yes, I would go with the '83 and make the needed repairs.

George Dill
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Re: 245 question (gdill2)

thanks for the quick response George, the guy who currently owns the car kept it at his summer house in Nova Scotia and had it shipped to Philadelphia from California 5 years ago. He has put 4k miles on it since then with 1k miles to Nova Scotia 5 years ago and then 1kmiles back this fall. He tells me that he has not had to do much to the car other than brakes and exhaust. Worse case, are the repairs that you mentioned expensive and is $3300 high for the car?
I have really been looking for a 145 or 122 amazon but they are hard to find in PA.
Re: 245 question (frogman)

Quote, originally posted by frogman »

I have really been looking for a 145 or 122 amazon but they are hard to find in PA.

Have you tried Susquanna Spares?
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