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Re: 245 General Information (Taleof2Bricks2)


Yes, a 245 stick-shift is rare but some show in the market infrequently.

To get a RWD turbo wagon you could look at a late model 945 but finding one with a stick may be tough.

Indeed, early 240 wagons were difficult to keep cool what with the AT cooler pumping heat into the engine cooling system and the ac needing the cool radiator to chill the cabin. Many of these have been converted to R134a and all-metal 3-row radiator.

The '92-'93 240's have "upgraded" cooling systems and R134a from the factory.

Since you have some time to shop consider a late-model 245 in perfect one-owner, needs-nothing condition regardless of transmission type/non-turbo.

As a daily-driver on busy CA dighways a wagon with AT and economical non-turbo seems more practical that a true 5-speed with turbo but...

That said, let's go shopping...


George Dill
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