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245...at home in the nordic

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So I've been in Stowe, Vermont for the past few days and decided to take some pictures. My Volvo sure feels at home up there. The pictures are taken on roads right around my grandmother's house. That's Mount Mansfield in the background.

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Wow, beautiful pictures! Gotta love those black & white, classy pics.
The road in that first pictures looks very slick!

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Thanks. The artiste in me calls for black and white photos. The roads around my Grandmother's house have a thick sheet of ice covering the dirt. If you're lucky there's some sand or snow on the road to provide traction. The Volvo performed well though with the exception of my pre-heat hose falling onto the highway on the ride home.
Those pics look great, esp. with the black and white.

Thanks. I used my Canon S110 digital camera. I'm very impressed with it's capabilities given that it's so small.
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