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My sister has an 80 242 DL that has starting issues. It just will plain ol not start.

Fuel pump was R&R about 5 years ago or so. With a new one. (the one under the L/R passenger seat.

The complete engine wire harness was replaced as well as the ignition module, fuel pump relay, aux air slide, distributor guts, and the rest of the crudola that goes along with an aging 240.

This car has fuel pressure according to my sister. However I have not hooked up a gage to see if the full 45 psi of necessary pressure is in the system. She says it is no sparky. She also said at the time the car was starting to stall intermittently and smooth out. She said she heard a clicking noise ( electrical something or other ) when it died for good. After that she replaced all the for-mentioned goods. She did a compression test and it has good psi in all cyl's

George, she will NOT sell this car. I am thinking its time to experiment with a northstar v8. Hmmmmm ( she is up for this conversion )

Any other ideas would be splendid. Thanks for any advice in advance!

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Re: 242 Issues. (DVolvoguy777)

If the car must stay in the family (YES!) and has no other major issues (rust, etc.) then take (tow?) it to an established Volvo dealer and tell them to fix everything. This wil be about the cost of a V8 conversion but will come with a full warranty on parts plus y'all get to enjoy the car as Volvo intended.

George Dill
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