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240 turbo

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can anyone tell me if a factory projuced 85'245 turbo is anygood??? Am i really better off bying one compared to a non-turbo...are there any problems with them??????thanx...
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That's a really broad question. Perhaps a little more about your interests and repair and maintenance skills would allow a better respose.

Personally, I don't think they're good, I think they're great. But any specific car can have problems brought on by abuse of previous owners. These cars had engine wiring harnesses that tend to need replacement but are generally very reliable if not abused. Has the turbo been replaced? How many miles? How often was the oil changed? Was the engine over-revved? Etc, etc? They also tend to rust in traditional places but your climate may not promote rust. RHD cars have the turbo and alternator and steering rack all very close together, makes oil filter hard to get to.

Turbo vs non-turbo... Do you want a quick car or slow car. If it's a well maintained car, I would get the turbo. These cars are getting harder to find and are much less common that the DL's and GL's.

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thanx..i spose with the RHD it would make things alot of trouble.rust is not a huge problem, but you still get rust under the rear bumper bar and really no were eles... i have neather seen an older turbo in australia ,but i no there around(matter of searching hi and low)because of this i was wondering weather all this is worth it. i want a volvo turbo to make into project car. mainly to get back all those people who think volvos are slow and crap...is there any tell tale signs of a turbo engine thats gonna blow up quicker than the dealer banking his cheque?? (i am relly good with motors and electricals) thanx heaps..
(volvo=grandmas car in australia)
Start it cold an watch for blue smoke. Let it warm up and then rev the engine up to 5000 rpm for a few seconds to get the turbo spooled up. Watch for smoke. With engine not running, take off the input hose to the turbo and try to move the impeller along the bearing axis with your fingers. There should be no play or very litte (less than 1/16th inch). Impeller should spin freely and not sound like its hitting anything. Maintenance records are VERY important when buying a used turbo car.
I don't believe Volvo made the 240 Turbo in the RHD configuration. I know it's possible, but not easy, to fit a turbo engine to a RHD 240. See Anthony Hyde's website here for details and pictures:

thanx heaps.....i think uses are right volvo did not make a RHD configuration...the few i have been told about must be aftermarkets...
probly all doggy.mmmm....import???????
it would still mean i have to change evrything around thow.i had a good look under my beast, the steering shaft dost look to play a real threat.you could still easly fit a 3"exaust.i would like to get a proper manufacted turboed engine since it will cost me $6,000 to have one fitted in by some turbo bloke...sounds like a genuine rip off "it aint a race car mate"...
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