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240 Questions (Pic Posted by GrooveSG)

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Alright, I've been eyeing 245s since we've begun considering the purchase of one. Remarkably, it'd be my first 240 that I've owned, and I'm still learning quite a bit about them.

I like the flat hood look of the older cars such as this one. The thing is, I also like the newer aero headlight design of the '89+ cars. Anyone know if the aero lights would work with the flat hood?

Second, who makes the body kit in the above picture. It's pretty subtle, and I haven't seen a lot of kits for the 240 besides stuff like that available from Erubuni, and they just aren't subtle.
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The flat hood from a pre-'80 240 (and rare '83 242ti special edition) will only work on a 240 up to '85. In '86, the hood, fenders, headlights, grille, and turn signals changed, so if you want a flat hood, you'll have to go with an '85 or older 240. Also, if you look at the cowl vent near the windshield, the '86-'93 240s have one on each side, but the pre-'86 240s have one large vent. I'm pretty sure that the curvature along that area differs between the two types, and the hoods don't fit quite right.

The newer plastic headlights ('86-'93) are horrible when it comes to lighting. There's something about the reflector and the opaque plastic that just doesn't give good light. The glass e-code replacements are quite expenisve, but they are a huge improvement. The older dual rectangular head lights (like the car above) are actually much better, and they're much cheaper and easier to upgrade (with the newer lights, you have to replace the corner lights too). The nice thing about the '75-'85 240s is that you can use dual rectangular, dual round, or single round headlights as long as you have the right bezels, mounting hardware, and grille, and all of them can produce great light with Cibie or Hella bulbs. Here's a good FAQ on 200 series Volvo headlights:

The body kit on the car above (Dave Barton's 245ti) is from a guy named Nicolai, who I believe lives in Denmark. I emailed him several months ago to see how much the body kit cost, and at that time it was $650 delivered, which is quite good ( http://hjem.get2net.dk/bengaard/spoilers.htm ). I know of at least one other US buyer of that kit, Nate Beil, who has a really nice '88 245. I've got a few links to other sources of body kits on my 240 Links page (below). There's also a guy in Canada who posts at the brickboard aftermarket forum who's going to be getting some kits from Hällsjö Styling in Sweden, and there's a guy in Florida who did have some kits from Plast & Son in Sweden ( www.techstile.net ).

FWIW, the Turbo wagon was made from '82 to '85. In mid-year '84, an Intercooler was an option, and in '85 it was standard, so that may be something you'll want to look for. It's easy to tell the year by looking at the VIN (see my links page under General Information). Drivers side airbags were first available in 1990, and ABS was introduced in 1991.

I hope that answers your questions. If you have any more, let me know.
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Thanks for the info!

A month or two ago, Speedvision put out a show that featured modded cars, and one of those cars was actually a light grey metallic Volvo 245. Gorgeous.

A 245 is a great choice and I'd love to see it as a project car.

Those Axis S7vens look great!
That was very good info. Thanks again. BTW, it was nice to see you today at the DC GTG.
I do know that there were aero headlights for the earlier volvos too (they were available in Europe) they may not have been common. I knew someone who had them on their 240 and they looked good. They aren't the same as the newer headlights, but fit in where the 4 rectangual ones and the reflector beneath them went. I know you used to be able to get them from a volvo dealer if you knew the part numbers. I don't know how har they would be to find. I'll take a look and see if I can find a picture and scan and post it when I get home from work.
scott m,
Here's an '84 with the large glass e-code headlights.

click to enlarge
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