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240 purchase thoughts wanted

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The family needs a third car and I WAS thinking of buying a 1993 or so 240 (or 740, or 940). They seem to be about $6000 to $12,000 in SoCal. But then the cheaper side of me said why not a 1988 or so 240 for $3000 or so and blow the rest on Gateway stock. Whaddyathink?
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The older car may need things like suspension bushings, motor/trans mounts, heater hoses, and other parts that deteriorate with age, but the car should be much cheaper. For more money, you could get a newer car with airbags ('90-on in the 240) and/or ABS ('91-on in the 240), that will likely have less miles. Basically, it's your choice whether you want to pay now or pay later. If you do a lot of your own work, look for an older car, but if you don't do most of your own work, find a newer car that has the added features. Either way, the engine and trans should last as long as you want to drive the car.

Good luck.
Honestly, if you have the $, buy the newer car. I bought two $3000 Volvos, an 84 244GL and a 87 745ti. Neither of them had major problems, but they both had a lot of little things to fix. For instance, the 244 went through a mass airflow sensor, some bushings, and needed new transmission cooling lines (the old ones vibrated/cut through.) At least you don't have rust out there - most 240s here in the Northeast are starting to go.

The few thousands spent now can go a long way in reducing the hassle of older Volvo ownership.

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