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Hey all,

My main concern is looking for lowering struts. I heard that the bilsteins are already 3" shorter than stock struts. Is this true? Ive read up some on useing SAAB 900 struts and cutting and welding them to make them shorter. But i have very poor skills in welding and would like to stay away from that route as it kinda sketches me out. But i do have a friend who is a master welder. Still again if i can id like to just get some struts that are already a good amount lower. Im going to be putting Cans in the rear as I already have bags and they are WAY TOO BIG. as for the fronts im buying universal bags for the front stuts. I know this can be done without much modification. If anyone can help point me in the right direction as far as struts and which ones go low that would be awesome


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