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May seem like a silly question but wondering if anyone has any real world feedback from either size?

I am inquiring because I am ordering new wheels/tires for the C30 today, the wheel width is going to be a bit larger than stock at 18x8 so going with a wider tire. 225/45/18 puts me slightly larger then stock rolling diameter, 225/40/18 puts me just under stock rolling diameter.

225/45 gives me more rubber for ride and fills up the wheel gap a bit, 225/40 does the opposite but less rolling mass, etc.

Am I just splitting hairs here? Will there be a noticeable difference in acceleration, turn in, handling etc?

BTW...When I build the tires on TireRack it recommends 225/40/18 as a size but I know lots of C30 guys run 225/45.
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