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There's another discussion thread on this topic. I still believe that some people will hate this feature UNTIL it save them from hitting someone or something. The sudden jerk can be really alarming and it has scared me. But I am sure glad I have this feature.

When I'm in Brooklyn, I am more cognizant of my surroundings and it is a bit more sensitive, which makes me change my driving habits. I was backing out of a spot and someone on their phone with their head down popped out of nowhere and I am glad the feature worked. I also have three dogs, and when I'm in the country, it helps me make sure they are nowhere near the car. But that's just what works for me and part of the reason why I wanted these features in our Volvos.

That all said - I think there are a lot of valid viewpoints on these threads. It all matters to the driver - so I hope folks here can find the setting that works for them. If the parking sensors are too sensitive, I would get them looked at by a Volvo dealer. Good luck to all.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts