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Hint: these two points are related.

Yes, it is obviously intentional. I never said it wasn't. I am simply saying that if you live in a city then you are much more likely to encounter the "backing into traffic legitimately" scenario regularly and you wouldn't be surprised that this happens often let alone be posting "not once ever has CTA triggered when I didn't want it to".

The real shortcoming here, IMO, is that you cannot turn it off and leave it off. I'm functionally doing that anyway it's just that every single time I turn on the car to leave the driveway I have to do it manually and then it stays off the rest of the time. In my case, in my driving style and scenario, leaving it off would improve safety for me. It's a shortcoming that I have to deal with having my brakes slammed on and then forced into and out of park while a foot of my car is in the lane of traffic just because I happen to forgot to tap the button.

I never said this and I never had this expectation so you can argue with yourself all you like. I'm a director of software engineering at a self driving car company. I promise you I understand technology and it's limitations. The irony here is that because I acknowledge technology has limitations I think it's dumb when people jump in to every thread to tell me their experience with the technology has been perfect. That's great but it won't always be and telling someone else that your experience was perfect isn't helpful.

As an aside, it isn't unrealistic to think that CTA could be better for this scenario. Car software engineering is ****ing awful in basically every way and leagues away from what we would consider to be modern software engineering. It's totally reasonable that I expect there to be an option that says "don't turn on CTA until I am out of the location you to know to be my home" or "don't turn on CTA if it is obvious that I am reversing into traffic". All of these things are perfectly capable.

I'm not advocating that they do it but telling me it's impossible shows who the luddite in this conversation really is.
Ignore that f*cking idiot. Scroll down to the CANBUS section of this forum, there will be something that helps you
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