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22” Wheels and Premier Protection Package On Price List but Not at Dealer

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So I just put down our deposit to do the over seas delivery program for a 2022 xc60. On the 2022 Accesory price list for the xc60 it shows yhe 22” wheels are included for $0 OSD MSRP for $4800 or about. The protection package premier is also supposed to be $0. The dealer does not have that in his computer system. He does have a call out to Volvo and waiting to hear back. I understand the price list does indicate Volvo has the right to change or amend this at anytime. The price list I am pulling is from online and shows April 2021. Has anyone come into this issue? The dealer can’t put my order into the system until this is figured out.
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I would not expect those accessories to be available for free. I was charged for the 20" wheels.

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Why is it that the price list shows it?
Maybe $0 means not available? I would be shocked if you get anything for free...

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