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From the viewpoint of the IRS, what you need is a binding contract prior to August 16 2022.

What is a binding contract? This what the IRS says verbatim. (Plug-In Electric Vehicle Credit IRC 30 and IRC 30D | Internal Revenue Service)

In general, a written contract is binding if it is enforceable under State law and does not limit damages to a specified amount (for example, by use of a liquidated damages provision or the forfeiture of a deposit). While the enforceability of a contract under State law is a facts-and-circumstances determination to be made under relevant State law, if a customer has made a significant non-refundable deposit or down payment, it is an indication of a binding contract. For tax purposes in general, a contract provision that limits damages to an amount equal to at least 5 percent of the total contract price is not treated as limiting damages to a specified amount. For example, if a customer has made a non-refundable deposit or down payment of 5 percent of the total contract price, it is an indication of a binding contract. A contract is binding even if subject to a condition, as long as the condition is not within the control of either party. A contract will continue to be binding if the parties make insubstantial changes in its terms and conditions.
Since I have a pretty good relationship with my dealer they didn't require a deposit on the the car. After waiting for 2+ months with no word from Volvo and hearing stories of people's non PE T8 orders getting pushed back or altogether getting cancelled, I lost hope and didn't expect that the order would actually get picked up. If I knew for sure that the order would have eventually been picked up, I would have put down a big deposit. But to have several thousand dollars tied up for 6 months to a year on a "maybe" didn't sound great. Everything I have read, sounds like I am SOL.
1 - 2 of 210 Posts