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2019 Volvo XC90 Departing Review - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.

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I have one month left on my second XC90 lease, and I am honestly counting the days until it is over. Admittedly, part of that is excitement for my new car which is scheduled to be built early next month, but mostly I am ready to move on. I am on multiple other vehicle forums, and I understand how this can come off. I'm going to share my feedback and let future buyers draw their own conclusions. Flame suit activated for those that do not like my perspective, and I respect that.

Where I came from: My first XC90 was a Momentum, in a gorgeous denim blue. After owning multiple Jeep Grand Cherokees I needed a 3 row utility due to kids, trips, dog, life, etc BUT needed to stay under a certain length and height as I have a car lift in my garage that I store my "summer" toy on. I felt many domestic mid size SUV's were too low rent for my taste and the Germans (Audi, BMW) were too pricey. The Volvo hit a sweet spot, but I admit I NEVER saw myself buying a Volvo.

What I liked: The Good
  • Design: I was attracted to the minimal styling of both the interior and exterior. In a nut shell, I thought it looked very attractive and stylish. I love the Audi's and saw this as a baby Audi. I negotiated a great deal and off the lot I drove.
  • Engine: I was surprised by how peppy the engine was for a 4 cylinder and it met my physical needs.
  • Auto Pilot: I of course was aware of Volvo's reputation for safety but that had little to do with my decision to buy one. I actually learned more about the safety features AFTER I bought it, then prior. My hands down, favorite feature of my XC90 is the AutoPilot feature. We take a lot of road trips, and the feature allows me to take micro-breaks while driving to change a station, talk, get a soda, etc. It does pull weird when an on ramp enters the road, and never centers but all in all it has been a phenomenal feature. It was a big feature I looked for in its replacement.
  • R-Design: I don't remember how long I owned my Momentum, but with a few years my dealer offered to upgrade me for the same payment into an "R-Design" in blue. I still LOVE this blue color and the styling of the R Design.
  • Visibility: Has good visibility, as expected for a Volvo.
  • Sound System: The upgraded Bowers & Wilkens sounds system is a delight.
  • Heads Up: Love it and have it on a few other vehicles, and insist on it whenever available. So handy.
  • App: The app is handy and respect that Volvo doesn't charge a monthly fee, that it comes with the car. I use the remote start from my phone and watch daily in the Winter and the middle of the Summer. Very handy.

What I don't like: The Bad
  • Engine: (Yes, I realize this was a like above...initially). In "polestar engineered" mode, its pretty peppy...surprisingly so at highway speeds, but it lacks low end umph, and at the end of the day I prefer V8 (v6 at a minimum) power AND sound. The 4 cylinder turbo and supercharged engine is very tinny to me. It gets old for this size of vehicle. Some of this is my baggage, and I acknowledge that.
  • Design: What are we at? 7 years? 8 years, with little or now cosmetic refresh? The design looked sharp when I bought it in 2017 / 2018, but now looks a little long in the tooth.
  • Chrome / Aluminum: Its Everywhere. Literally. Mirrors, grille, trim, etc. Tacky plastic aluminum. In fairness, the new ones have more exterior black trim and looks a load better. The aluminum just dates the design IMHO.
  • No cooled seats: The R-Design with its suede interior does not have cooled seats. Lame. This was a big negative on long road trips, especially in the Summer.
  • Seat Comfort: What began as looking tight, crisp, thoughtful and minimal seats are actually hard as a board. 10's of thousands of miles have not softened them...only wrinkled them. For perspective, I'm used to firm seats with bolsters in sports cars. On long trips I am constantly shifting in place. Not a fan.
  • No Buttons: What began as looking like a minimal, elegant designed cockpit, void of buttons is actually a user PITA. I really did like the lack of buttons and dusty spots, but after daily use, having to go through the head unit / touch screen for common tasks related to the radio selection or climate control gets old. The interior needs just a handful more buttons for frequently used tasks.
  • Safety features: Lane keeping assist can be invasive. My wife and daughters refuse to drive the car. Yes, you can turn it off, but they don't like it. So no on drives it but me.

What I REALLY don't like: The Ugly
  • Touchscreen Head Unit: After almost 5 years, I am still not used to the head unit organization. It is slow, it glitches and the swipe left, swipe right feels awkward and unnatural. I always swipe the wrong direction for what I need to do. The vertical orientation is TINY by todays standards and just doesn't work. CarPlay is a postage stamp. Radio channel selection, browsing requires too much time of your eyes off the road. Since almost EVERYTHING the driver needs to control is in this touchscreen it lacks finesse and a rational UI that makes logical sense. The system is just slow. Slow to wake up, slow to respond. Just slow.
  • System Crashing: Both my XC90's had issues with the dash crashing while driving. Now it does it a few times whenever we are on a longer drive. VERY unsettling to have the entire dash (including speedometer), touchscreen everything go blank at 75 mph. Systems goes dark, music off, AC off and drive mode resets. It reboots and we're eventually back in business. The good news is I have never lost vehicle power during this time. Dealer has done "software updates" but obviously we still haven't found the issue.
  • Loud Cabin / Road noise: It is not a quiet sanctuary as they'd have you believe in the commercials. Road noise, wind noise, engine noise... This is not a german by any stretch.
  • Rotors / Breaks: In my 2019, the Rotors are a joke. First ones were warped so bad all 4 rotors had to be replaced. They still vibrate when braking. Again, I am used to sports cars and don't need a cushy Cadillac ride. These brakes are not good and the vibration is horrible braking from highway speeds to an off ramp. If I wasn't returning it in a month, I'd be asking for new rotors again. Now, I just don't care.
  • Suspension: The air suspension went out and the entire rear system had to be replaced. That was a week plus in the shop but covered under warranty. Would not want to imagine paying for that outside of warranty.
  • Rear Axle: Something happened with the rear axle on my momentum, and the ENTIRE rear axle had to be replaced. Seriously.
  • Long-term Feel: It is not a comfortable vehicle. It is rigid, firm, unwelcoming, unemotional and stoic. It is northern European to a tee. If you are an uptight neat freak, you might love it. I hand wash and detail my own cars and this is about as lovable as a cat.
  • Service: I bought into the Volvo also for the service. They would pick up my vehicle and drop off a loaner. This occurred for the first few years but during Covid that changed. I understood during the pandemic but they STILL will not come to me for pickup, which requires me to take a half day from work and go sit in their cold dealership while they work on my car...or get a 40 minute ride back home. Loaners even are hit or miss. This was one of the biggest disappointments and original differentiators that steered me to the brand.

If you own a reliable XC90 and love it, my hat is off to you. I am sincerely happy for you, but I and my family have found in time, this to be a miserable piece of transportation. It gets us from point A to Point B. After considering the X5, Q7, Genesis and Cadillac, I have decided to get a loaded Lincoln Aviator. Should be here late February / Early March and I can't wait. The Volvo experiment is coming to a close. Ironically, I turned my brother in law onto Volvo and he loves it. My sister is in the market too, and she has decided on the XC90. Friends ask me about it, and I share the good, bad and the ugly and let them decide. If you are looking at an XC90, go into with open eyes is my only recomendation. It will not get faster. It will not get softer. It will not get sexier...but it very likely will let you walk away from an accident. So there is that.
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Ok, the wife stopped by so i interviewed her on the Volvo

Her gripes:

  • When kids turn on the heat/ac in the 2nd row, the fan gets really loud
  • Not enough range from the fob to unlock the car from inside the house. In her previous car (2012 Grand Cherokee) she could just hit the button on the fob and it would do it, so she doesn't like having to wait for the app to load and go through there. Plus i believe you have to pull on the trunk handle within 2 minutes for it to unlock.
  • She sometimes has problems with the sensor on the driver's door detecting her/key
  • Lack of physical buttons
  • Hvac controls through touch screen. Finds annoying
  • No 12v plug for backseat use. In the Wrangler and her previous Grand Cherokee there is a plug on the back of the center console which the kids use to charge their ipads
  • Center console storage. No place to put your phone if the cup holders are taken. The storage space in front of the cup holders is practically useless as it is awkwardly shaped
  • Sunglasses holder
Some really good ones...and I'd forgotten about the lack of 12v, lack of sunglass holder, and the key fob not recognizing me as I'm pulling on the handle. Yes, that is weird. I wondered if the battery needed replacing in the FOB but since its going away, I'm not replacing it.
I concur with this point. Professionally I am a UX Designer and the lack of buttons and feedback from physical buttons in most cars is a troubling thought. Always makes me wonder if some of the heads up alerts, sounds, wheel vibrations, and steering controls are car manufacturers admitting there is a distinct issue with attention within all cars because of touch screens. I don't plan to ever own a Tesla for this simple issue.

I love our Volvos, though I agree with some of the other thoughts about engine power. I was hoping for a bit more low end torque, Cabin noise can be an issue, though I have added sound insulation and dampening in other cars, and may add some where possible.

Sounds like you had a good run in the XC90. The Aviator sounds like it will meet your needs, best of luck to you.
One of the reasons I picked the Aviator was the physical buttons for common controls. Climate and radio controls on the center stack…even a hot button for camera controls.

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Many of the cons are simply personal preference, many I have the exact opposite preference.

I'm guessing you will find your service experience lest than stellar as you wait in line behind all the Fusion and Explorer customers. So many of your gripes about the Volvo are shared with the Lincoln, so that's confusing.
Ha ha, I knew there’d be one who’d be offended by my feedback. Fair enough, but please don’t take it personally. My opinion / experience shouldn’t diminish yours.

So, my ”cons” of electrical system failure, air suspension failure and warped rotors are ‘personal preference?” Ok, sure. Those are pretty big flaws in most people’s books.

Thw Aviator and XC90 are nothing alike. The 30 way adjustable seats with massage function are incredible…and the fit and finish I’ve seen was top notch.

Honestly, we (consumers) role the dice on every new car purchase, from any manufacturer. I’m well aware of the Aviator issues and I will manage. If they are excessive, I’ll dump it. If they are persistent, I’ll pursue lemon law…which I’ve done before.

As for waiting behind Explorer and Fusion customers, not likely, as I bought from a stand alone Lincoln dealer in a brand new flagship store. IF I have to spend time at the Lincoln dealer at least it’ll be in a relaxing setting instead of an antiquated Volvo showroom with a Keurig and a vending machine. But I won’t, because they DO continue to offer drop off and pickup service.

I hope you continue to enjoy your Volvo. Sincerely.
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Comments saying it's not a comfortable vehicle along with the seats tells me a lot about how you evaluate a car. Then you say the rear axel had to be replaced? Can you elaborate on that, because a Volvo has and independent rear suspension, and it has no axel.....telling me your tales of things being "completely" replaced isn't accurate at all and you are not technically familiar with how a car works. And like I said...lots of your grips have been addressed since your model year.

I don't mind people that want to evaluate the dislikes of their Volvo. I certainly don't like everything about the 3 I drive. What makes me grind my teeth is when people state issues or make complaints that don't really exist or there personal preference is conflated with design flaws. Lots of your comments go down that path, and it does a great disservice to people looking for accurate reviews of cars.

As far as your new Fancy Ford, give me 10 minutes to point out all the poor quality and workmanship on that thing and you'll see really fast....it isn't a Volvo, that's for sure. It's hard for me to see how someone could possible drive one of those after being in an XC90.
“Fancy Ford?” This passive aggressive comment says so much about you. You “don’t mind people that want to evaluate the dislikes of their Volvo?” Lol, keep telling yourself that, because you clearly have an ax to grind.

I’ve elaborated enough, but everything I stated AND MORE happened. Sorry, I didn’t meet your standards of Internet forum journalistic formatting. Even though I’m not singing the same praises about your beloved Volvos, this was MY experience.
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Did i read it correctly when the OP said the rotors were replaced under warranty? thought that is a wear and tear item that would not be covered by the B2B warranty.
You read correctly. When they replaced them it was shortly after I got it.
so no explanation about the axle?

Looks like I hit a nerve. I’ll leave you be. Sorry that the reality of a Lincoln being a Ford pushed you over the edge, along with pointing out some comments you made are not an opinion but you rather confused on the facts. Geez. Bye bye.
Ha ha, ahhh, so now we’ve moved onto gaslighting? How predictable. Hate to break it to you, but no nerve struck…I just enjoy quoting contradictions back to trolls. As I said in my original post, I expected that not everyone would agree with my perspective and I put on my favorite flame suit for the occasion. To be honest, everyone but you has been very pleasant. Understandably, not everyone agrees, but as a whole the feedback and insight has been refreshing for an online forum usually filled with trolls like yourself. Run along now. Time for you to ask your Mom for more Red Bull, or go to the store and get some smokes for the old lady or whatever it is trolls do in their spare time.
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But you can't answer the question, can you? When someone suggests your evaluation of the car is flawed and doesn't make sense, you can't back up your statements. You have overstated and mislead, and now somehow if you mention that you are a "troll" and somehow gaslighting (the most overused expression of 2022). Now you hurl insults and mock me.

What a wonderful conversation we are having. You just deflect and insult. I just don't understand people like you. You just hunt for people to be unpleasant to I guess. So how about you move past my "troll comments" and let the discussion continue. Unless you would like to actually discuss how your critique has some very serious inaccuracies? You'll note my "troll comments" have been "liked" by a few people, so I'm not the only one that isn't on board with your review....
Its kind of ironic that you are accusing me of being "unpleasant", given that you went out of your way to be unpleasant from the start. Its seems that's kind of your MO. Calling it like it is, isn't hurling insults or mocking someone. I've been here for 5 minutes and sized you up pretty quickly, and given others reaction to your comments I'm pretty confident I'm spot on. No real surprise that you can dish it out, but you can't handle being challenged. I wrote a list of things I liked and a list of major and minor issues I've experienced with my XC90 and you decided to take it personally and zero in on ONE comment. I'm not replying or justifying your request for "proof" because I have no doubt even if I provided documentation, it would never be enough.
Ford vehicles are the worst! I mean look what they did to Volvo :ROFLMAO:
Ha ha, good point! At this point, I think that Chinese company has owned Volvo longer than Ford did. 😂

Time will tell on the Lincoln. I’ve owned two “Fords” in the last three decades. A used early 90’s T-bird after college and a new 2011 Shelby GT500. The Shelby was problem free, and I think the T-bird only had a bad alternator. Other than that, they were problem free. (Farmer will have to take my word for it, because I don’t have my service documents to prove it.)

I realize that was years ago and those were very different vehicles…but I also recognize that even a broken clock is right twice a day. :oops:
Just curious whether you considered a Genesis GV80 during your search. I have seen one at the dealership recently and was really impressed with the interior and exterior
I did! I really liked them, similar price point, and amenities. Really sharp car. My only gripe (and this is nit picky) was I don’t like the steering wheel, lol. But I could live with it. The deciding factor was dealers around here were still charging over MSRP for the GV80, and I could get the Aviator for ”supplier pricing” with an X-plan PIN…which gets me out the door at 4% below invoice.
Hyundai has done a great job building German cars in Korea. They hired many designers from VAG. Their cars all look like rebadged Audis.
I’d agree, and don’t think that’s a knock. There was a time when I turned my nose up at them and the Genesis has definitely turned heads.
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You'll have to report back your initial feedback on your new Lincoln. I'll be curious to hear what you have to say. I've been a BMW guy for quite a while, and currently drive a '17 X5, which is an incredible vehicle to drive and own. Was thinking about going "Volvo" for an SUV (currently own 3 classic 240's for fun). After reading through this post, I'm wondering if sticking with the X5 is not in my best interest. Reading through all these posts, it seems like it's almost a draw on the good and the bad - I'm sure like most vehicles (the same post written about an X5 would probably come to a draw as well, although my experience with the two X5's I've owned has been stellar). Make a point of coming back and letting us know what you think of your new car.
Will do...it is supposed to be built next week. Supposedly delivery sometime next month.
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I took a 100 mile test drive in the Aviator with the 30 way adjustable seats. In my case, it felt very comfortable, at the beginning. However, after driving it for a number of miles, it felt hard. When it comes to seat comfort, it's really in the eye-of-the-beholder ... or the feel-of-one's-butt ... LOL! Good luck with your Aviator.
Agree, and thank you!
Creating an account only to criticize a car in a forum of folks who own that car - right before supposedly leaving the brand - is sh*tty form, if not outright troll-y.
I can respect that perspective, which is why I tried to be objective and specific about what I liked about my XC90 (which there were many) and what I didn’t like (which there were far too many). But, I get that intentions are like jokes…if you have to explain them, they aren’t working.

I am sorry that you had such a terrible experience with Volvo. But if you never cared to be part of the community to share the highs and lows, and never helped others when they had questions, maybe the right call would have been to keep it that way.
I get the “trolly” reference, but you lost me with the “if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it” part of your feedback. This is a public forum and I sincerely tried to be objective in my feedback for the sake of future buyers research. These were my experiences. Not all of them were bad, and I tried to document that.

As for being a part of this community, I didn’t realize there was a shelf life on joining. FWIW - I was on this forum early in my XC90 journey, but I didn't remember my user login or email account I used, so I just created a new one. Some members join vehicle forums long before buying a vehicle to do research and some never do. Do they have more right to participate in your community than I do after owning (2) XC90’s? Maybe only the ones don't criticize the brand. Either way, I call BS on my feedback being somehow unfounded because I haven’t been on here in years.

I’m sorry my feedback was such a hard pill to swallow. Based on how other members have reacted, it turns out I‘m not alone in that department. If you are happy with yours, I wish you well and am not trying to diminish your enjoyment of it.
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The only differences between the Aviator and the Explorer (which is a very nice car btw) are Ford's profit margin and the ego of the buyer.

Especially true for those who buy lower stripped down trims of the 'luxury' brand (which is most buyers) over the fully loaded and more luxurious versions of the mass market brand, for about the same price. Because their ego requires them to trade off actual luxury features for a superficial luxury badge.
You really need to actually test drive the two. From afar, that was my impression too (and originally true of the Aviator) but that is not the case any more.

I re-read all of OPs post to understand if I was missing something. And I realized, it was right there all along! The reason why Ford slaps the Lincoln badge on some Fords.
Glad I was able to entertain you multiple times. ;)

Please, test drive an explorer and tell me that interior finish and design isn’t ”low rent” for the price.

Lol man you guys get awful worked up over things that are subjective. The Aviator is a great looking vehicle with a nice looking interior (subjective), but I personally found the interior to feel a bit cheaper than our xc90 inscription. But that twin turbo v6 would be quite an upgrade to the t6 engine.

IMO Volvo and Lincoln fall in a sweet spot of mid-tier luxury, where one can get a vehicle with many of the niceties of MB/BMW/etc but without being as flashy or pretentious.
Agree with most of what you said. The Aviator Standard interior (base) is basic. The Reserve (mid-level) is comparable but I agree just below Inscription. However, Inscription doesn’t hold a candle to Black Label (high end) Aviator. That interior is gorgeous…but also out of my price range. I’m getting a Reserve which is just fine for me.
Did I say that? Or was my whole sentence "But if you never cared to be part of the community to share the highs and lows, and never helped others when they had questions, maybe the right call would have been to keep it that way."

You are living in your own make believe world where you are the lone truth teller providing 'honest feedback' to a rabid fanbase. Had you cared spend even a few minutes to just browse through the forum you would have found that nothing you have mentioned is unique. It has all been discussed ad nauseam. About Volvo falling short of the true luxury brand like Merc, Audi and RR in terms of engine refinement and noise. About all the features Volvo has been stealth deleting of late. Warped rotors and much much more. Or my most recent complaining posts was about the charger getting stuck in the port on a cold morning (along with many others complaing of the same). IT IS ALL HERE - including (somehow) a thread approach 300 posts about a person complaining about Volvo not replacing the engine on a 7 year old $110k miles+ well out of warranty XC90!

And yet you NEVER happened to show up and post here to check in what other people were seeing and if this was common or one-off? But you suddenly woke up one day to write up this long post, where the 'problems' seem like a laundry list of XC90 problems people post about here? And without much understanding of what the problem is?

Yeah right.
Not here to flog. Interesting that my “bad” and “ugly” experiences are repeatedly quoted as proof I’m a troll, and no mention of the long list of “good” things I expeienced. I guess some people have a “glass half empty“ approach to any difference of opinion.

I’m sorry I didn’t stop by more often, but there are only so many hours in the day. I admit to spending more time on passion car forums, rather than daily driver car forums. Again. I didn’t know there was a shelf life or minimum “checkin” criteria to make a vehicle post valid.
You'll have to report back your initial feedback on your new Lincoln. I'll be curious to hear what you have to say. I've been a BMW guy for quite a while, and currently drive a '17 X5, which is an incredible vehicle to drive and own. Was thinking about going "Volvo" for an SUV (currently own 3 classic 240's for fun). After reading through this post, I'm wondering if sticking with the X5 is not in my best interest. Reading through all these posts, it seems like it's almost a draw on the good and the bad - I'm sure like most vehicles (the same post written about an X5 would probably come to a draw as well, although my experience with the two X5's I've owned has been stellar). Make a point of coming back and letting us know what you think of your new car.
Well, I’m about 5 or 6 weeks into ownership of my Lincoln Aviator Reserve and so far I love it. Admittedly, I’m still with in the honeymoon phase but initial reaction to fit and finish is very good. The sound system is incredible. The seats are extremely comfortable and the interior is gorgeous. The exterior styling is stunning. It is shorter and wider than the XC90, but oddly feels like it rides higher. I find the ride to be softer and more predictable than the XC90 air suspension, and the Lincoln air suspension was one of the few options I did not go for on the Reserve (mid range like a Momentum). The Black Label interior blows the doors off anything most companies have to offer, but was about $10k out of my comfort zone. The twin turbo V6 engine is noticeably quicker low-end, and feels capable at highway speeds. I knew the Aviator “piped in” engine noise, and I’m sincerely not sure why. It is a little annoying and there is no easy way to disable it. The drive mode select is easy to use and can be done while backing up and not take over your backup camera the way the Volvo would. Sunroof controls feel more logical and all the frequently used functions have hard buttons for easy access. All-in-all, I am very pleased with the change.

To anyone leasing a Volvo through Volvo, beware. I’ve bought and leased cars for years and I’ve never met a company more difficult to work with. I tried to trade out of it a year ago (not ideal with a lease but can be done) and Volvo refused. Never had a company NOT allow me to trade out. Jeep did. GM did. As the end drew near, I knew I was over on mileage and began sending in extra in the final 4 months to reduce the lump sum at the end. The day I returned my lease, I was locked out of my account and can no longer see any payment history. I called VCFS and they confirmed. Shady. I should have had about $1k built up in positive “equity” towards my mileage. When my final bill came it showed ZERO positive balance. i called VCFS and they acknowledged the additional payments and didn’t have a reason why the funds were not applied. It should have been an easy deduction but it has turned into a shady PITA. It has made for a perfect cap on an otherwise disappointing experience...for me.

If you are enjoying your XC90, please enjoy it. There is nothing better than a vehicle you are proud of that puts a smile on your face.

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It's really time for you to move on to enjoying the Lincoln Aviator and sharing your observations in the Lincoln Aviator forum. The Volvo is gone so leave it behind.
I have, and I did “move on” but someone here asked for my initial feedback after I got my Aviator...so I did.
Funny thing, I was going to trade my 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit L (3-row) AND my 2019 S90 T8 on a XC90 T8, combine both 3 row and PHEV.
Then I crawled around in an XC90 and liked my Jeep better. (2nd/3rd/cargo wise) and changed my mind. Then we looked into Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring (PHEV) and loved them. Ended up trading only the Jeep on a 2020 Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring with every option (even 2nd row video, eh).
Absolutely love it, it can be quite economical, but not quite like my S90. The EV portion is different where it drives the entire drivetrain, and goes through the transmission, so pulling out is better initially. It is monstrously heavy, and roomy, and still thrifty (in my opinion).
This is it in entry/exit mode.

And a night shot on the 500 mile trip home (bought it west of Chicago)
View attachment 191730
Gorgeous and congrats... I too bought it west of Chicago. (Naperville). Cheers.
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