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Car overheating. Have replaced water pump and oil cooler seal to no avail. Cooling system also been bled out, no luck. Thermostat getting replaced next. Anyone experienced anything like this? What else can it be? Car has 64k miles. TIA
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Does the radiator cooling fan turn on? Turn on AC and see if the radiator fan turns on.
The original coolant temp sensor in the T-stat can short out, set ECM-PO171 code that will not clear. If this happens, the t-stat circuit in the ECM has shorted out. The ECM will need to be replaced. The ECM warranty is 8/80.
Volvo may have extended the ECM warranty for this code; I could not locate that information. Xemodex.com and repair your ECM for this code. If your ECM does have the permanent P0171 code, I do not know if this would keep the cooling fan from not turning on or not or register a correct engine temp. As mentioned, use an OBD reader to check for engine temperature. Below information is from Xemodex.com web site about this.

Repair Service
MSRP:$1,070 (Save 70%)
Shipping:$79 Express
$39 Ground
Services TypeRepair Service
Turnaround Time:Same Day
OEM Part Number:36011422
XeMODeX Part Number:VO.1050.ECMVEA.10.20
Reload Required?No. Plug and Play Installation
Warranty:Lifetime Limited Warranty
XeMODeX Price: $329.00
Engine Control Module for Volvo VEA Engines quantity
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All Volvos fitted with the 2.0L 4 Cylinder VEA Engine
2014 – 2019VolvoS60
2015 – 2016VolvoS80
2017 – 2017VolvoS90
2014 – 2019VolvoV60
2015 – 2019VolvoV60 XC
2017 – 2019VolvoV90
2017 – 2019VolvoV90 XC
2018 – 2019VolvoXC40
2014 – 2019VolvoXC60
2014 – 2016VolvoXC70
2015 – 2019VolvoXC90

What you need to know (please read before ordering)

Important: This is a fault specific ECM repair service that addresses the following Thermostat Heater Circuit failures:
• ECM-P059700
• ECM-P059800
• ECM-P05990
• P0597
• P0171 “Thermostat Heater Control Circuit”
• New Thermostat heater is installed and codes still won’t clear

If you have any other issues, please contact us prior to purchasing this service.

This is a Repair service service of your existing module. You will need to remove and send your module to us for repair using the shipping labels provided to you.

The order will be processed during our regular business hours (Mon-Fri 8:30 – 5:00 EST). After processing your order, we will email shipping labels and shipping instructions. If you don’t see shipping labels within 1 hour of submitting your order (during business hours) please first check your junk/spam folders. If you still don’t see the labels, please contact us at 1-888-712-2525


Plug & Play: The software and settings will not be modified, making this module plug and play. No software reload or calibration is required after installation.

Quick Turnaround: Your module will be tested, repaired, tested again, and sent back to you in the same day (unless otherwise noted).

Quality Tested: All our Volvo ECMs undergo rigorous tests on our specialized custom built CAN-bus driven test bed. Functions, DTCs, and software are checked and verified for proper operation.*

Please note that since this is an Engine Control Module some functions can only be tested when installed in the vehicle with a working engine, meaning testing is limited outside of the vehicle. If you’re in doubt of whether or not your ECM is faulty, please consult with a Volvo specialist or contact our tech support by submitting a Technical Question Form here.
Reference Numbers

Common Failure Symptoms

Root Failure Cause: Shorted thermostat heater causes internal damage in the ECM, resulting in:
• ECM-P059700
• ECM-P059800
• ECM-P05990
• P0597
• P0171 “Thermostat Heater Control Circuit”
• New Thermostat heater is installed and codes still won’t clear
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