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Just thought I'd throw out some interesting information on doing the brake job for this car.

1. Dealerships lie
I was told that my front rotors were below minimum thickness and they had to replace. The fronts were both at 30mm measured away from the lip. The new rotors measured 31mm. Minimum thickness stamped on both rotors, 27.5.

This next one wasn't so much of a lie as it was incorrect. I was also told that only through Vida could I reset the rear EPB (emergency parking brake), however I was able to do this through a dice tool that works on my Saabs and this Volvo ( https://www.amazon.com/dp/B010ODE03K/ref=cm_sw_r_em_apa_i_11olEbTJQRTE3 ) icarsoft vol2 about $150.

The dealer also told me that these pads and rotors are only designed to go 20k miles due to the auto pilot and City safety features. We're at 36k on original pads although it's at 1-2 mm.

2. The big part change.

Be aware, the caliper pins are now removed with an 11 mm hex bit whereas before they used to be 10mm. I'm saying this because no one carries this in store as a single or in a set (harbor freight, Napa, pep boys, O'Reilly's, AutoZone, Lowe's, home Depot, Ace, Grainger, the Mac truck even). I ordered it online at Amazon for $7.

3. Don't force the EPB

There are ways to do the rear caliper depression without software but you have to remove the motor on the caliper and use a T20 to push it back. Do not try to depress the caliper without removing the motor or without software. If you don't have a obd too just get the $60 autel or one I linked that does EPB and save yourself extra work. Here is a good explanation on FCP https://blog.fcpeuro.com/how-to-reset-an-electronic-parking-brake-without-vida-volvo-p3

4. Dealer cost, as of January 2020 parts and labor for rear brakes cost $850 (rotors and pads and labor), $750 for front. Buying the pads and rotors from FCP cost under $500 for everything including the rotors that I didn't need.

5. I may post a tutorial and pics of how I did this job myself if the demand is there. Let me know.

Good luck and don't get scammed.


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