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Started getting a “Check Engine” light in April which I determined with my BlueDriver reader / app was due to a code PO442 Evap System Leak Detected (small leak).

Figuring it might be due to the flaps on the filler port not sealing I cleaned them and reset. It reoccurred a few days later and again reset, did some research and found out there was a service bulletin for that code due to cracks in the filler pipe.

I was planning to take it in to dealer when the Check Engine light occurred a third time, but it is the wife’s ride and she insisted it go in the next day—which was easier to do than try to explain it wasn’t a problem to wait until the light reappeared. The dealer did a “smoke” test for leaks, didn’t find any and send me on my way with no repair despite me showing them the code on the app BlueDriver with the car VIN, Code and mentioning the service bulletin about the filler tube crack.

The CE light stayed off until a few days ago (June) with the same trouble code but this time I didn’t clear it so the dealer would be able to read it. They did, the service bulletin popped up and they changed the filler tube without bothering to test for leaks first.

Lesson learned: If the “Check Engine” light comes on, read but do not clear the code(s).

This is the first problem encountered with our two year-old, lightly driven — 17,400 miles — XC90 T6
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