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I just bought XC90 T6 4 week ago. The check engine light came on the first day I drove back home. I set an appointment with my local dealer. I continued drive it for several days. The light went off one day before I sent it to dealer. I think the dealer did not do anything because the light was off.

The check engine light came on again one day after I got it from dealer. This time it always stays on. I sent it back to dealer and the checked and said the oxygen sensors need to replace. They ordered the parts and changed them several days later. The check engine light was cleared and went off.

I thought this problem should be solved. However, three days later the check engine light came on again. I need to set another appointment and wait until Monday to see dealer. I am really tired of dealing with this. Dealer seems not find out the problem. Did anyone encounter this problem? Your experience may help me located the problem.

Thanks much.
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