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Is there any sort of factory service/repair manual for the 2016 XC60? I see stuff everywhere for 2014 and older, but I think those would be different enough to my 2016 2.0L to not be very useful.

I have searched the forum and see references to a 2014 "VIDA". I can't quite figure out exactly what that is, but it appears to be more like some sort of software that works with a piece of hardware so you can read codes and communicate with the car. Does the VIDA include the service manual and wiring diagrams as well?

I have gone to this page


And selected "order now", "VIDA for owners", then selected "Parts Cataloque" and "Service Information" (it seems to select Service Info you have to select Parts as well. But when I try to add it to my basket, it calls it "VIDA 2015 (PS)". So does it only cover 2015 and older? Anyway, when I try to add it to my cart I get the error "Could not contact StoreFrontSystem:KenCook".
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