Carlisle Events reinvented a nearly 30-year tradition by transcending all marques, scenes and styles, the Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals set to feature more than 2,000 show vehicles but the weather may have put a damper on the number of vehicles. Historically, The Import and Kit Car Nationals show was separate from the Performance & Sound weekend. This year, Carlisle Events joined together the two shows to create a larger, more interesting show. Carlisle usually has some rain during the weekend but this year was one of the wettest show weekends in a few years.


This new event weekend welcomed domestics, kit cars, and trucks. From around the world, a variety of restorations, show cars, clubs and brands. There was no consistent theme per se or a particular focus for the event but the attendees were all car enthusiasts and seeing different brands and styles kept the show interesting. Those seeking an adrenaline rush took their vehicles around the drifting course, participated in the rolling exhaust competition, burnouts and more.

My roadtrip from Virginia to Pennsylvania came courtesy of our Rebel Blue 2015.5 V60 T6 R-Design project car; comfort by Volvo and KW V3 coilovers and musical entertainment via the throaty KPAX Performance Cars exhaust system.


In spite of the rainy weather, the Volvo turnout was very good and it was nice to see a few older project cars progressing and a few others brand new to the scene. Volvo's current model lineup was limited but growing. Several first generation V70Rs were on the showfield presented the more rare colors of Laser Blue, Saffron Orange Metallic and Emerald Green. The P2 generation Volvos had a significant presence with several Flash Green R models and numerous vintage Volvos mixed up the show field. Smythe Volvo had a weather appropriate S60CC topped with Volvo's new expandable cargo roof box. The three-day event was great opportunities to put the forum screen names to faces, discuss project car challenges, and shared enthusiasm for the brand.


The Carlisle show is the East Coast Volvo event to attend and a great way to start the summer season. As a community, Volvo is as strong as ever. During the past year, Volvo revealed the all-new S90 and V90, and the 362hp 4cyl S60 and V60 Polestar models making the 2017 model year more exciting than 2016!

We look forward to Carlisle next year. Thanks to everyone we had a chance to meet and we look forward to seeing everyone next year. Check out our 2016 photo gallery .