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Just wanted to share my experience with my new car:

4 electronics-related problems so far.

1st incident: STOP warning, Check Engine light, car idles at 1200+ rpm instead of the usual 800rpm
2nd incident: Sudden ESP system failure while driving
3rd incident: Brake system failure in a car park, STOP warning, car idles at 1200+ rpm, can't accelerate (engine revs but seems to be in neutral)
4th incident: Brake system failure while driving at 70km/h, STOP warning, digital dashboard displays - km/h and rev counters shows 0. Car goes into limp mode, tried to turn engine off, but couldn't without activating the electronic parking brake, which I couldn't activate while the parking brake symbol kept flashing. Can't shift the car out of Park either. Can't open the boot. Car idling problem again. Hit the Engine On/Off button many times and the car shuts off finally.

The problems went away with a restart of the car for all the incidents. Brought the car in for service after the 3rd incident and the dealer told me that they did a 'software update'. Obviously didn't fix the issue. 4th incident happened just a little over a week ago, and it has been at the workshop since Monday. Apparently they couldn't reproduce the error and had get the Swedish peeps at Sweden's HQ to diagnose the car over the internet. Told me that they were going to replace some computer part next Monday (ECU probably), and was told that repairs may take up to next Friday. In the mean time, they gave me a V40 T2 which wasn't that bad, except for the fuel economy.

Anyone experienced similar problems?
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