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2015 V60 Drive-E with bad pistons/rings

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It's official. You can add our V60 to the is list. After a hand full of visits to our local dealer, some failed attempts at fixes (second round of new plugs in less than a year, combustion chamber clean, new breather box), and an oil consumption test resulting in over a 1qt loss in in under 500 miles, the service techs and Volvo are recommending replacing the pistons. Unfortunately for me, we are out of warranty at 60k+. We are waiting to hear back this week if Volvo is going to help out with some good will, fingers crossed.

I'm mostly frustrated that I didn't come across this forum a year earlier when we first really started to notice the oil consumption between our 40k service and the first time we brought it in due to a cylinder misfire at 55k, at our neighborhood shop.

To date we have not personally spoken to VCNA. The dealer service has been pretty good, assuming they are actually honest people and you can believe what they are saying to you. They have been communicating with Volvo all along so I have not seen the need to go that rout. The question is whether or not talking to VCNA directly, before even having an answer, is a good idea?
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2015.5 V60 Premier, 2.0L Drive-E, in service date July 6th, 2015. Failed oil consumption test at dealer ($370 on my dime) at 58,800 miles. Service advisor contacted Volvo about Good Will repair. Was informed they have several cars already waiting for ring replacement and only one tech capable of that kind of work so it would be a month or two before he could schedule it. At 61,400 it started sputtering badly and threw the "engine performance reduced" prompt on the dash. Nursed it home. The service department at the dealer was too slammed to see it right away. Took it to my local mechanic who replaced the plugs (one was missing the electrode entirely), then the coils. Still ran rough, opened up the intake manifold to look for vacuum leaks and discovered the intake manifold was partially melted. Just got towed to the Volvo dealer this afternoon. Second Volvo I purchased from the same dealership and the V60 had been serviced at that dealer at 10/20/30/40/50K. I seem to fit the profile for goodwill repair, but time will tell.
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