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2015 V60 Drive-E with bad pistons/rings

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It's official. You can add our V60 to the is list. After a hand full of visits to our local dealer, some failed attempts at fixes (second round of new plugs in less than a year, combustion chamber clean, new breather box), and an oil consumption test resulting in over a 1qt loss in in under 500 miles, the service techs and Volvo are recommending replacing the pistons. Unfortunately for me, we are out of warranty at 60k+. We are waiting to hear back this week if Volvo is going to help out with some good will, fingers crossed.

I'm mostly frustrated that I didn't come across this forum a year earlier when we first really started to notice the oil consumption between our 40k service and the first time we brought it in due to a cylinder misfire at 55k, at our neighborhood shop.

To date we have not personally spoken to VCNA. The dealer service has been pretty good, assuming they are actually honest people and you can believe what they are saying to you. They have been communicating with Volvo all along so I have not seen the need to go that rout. The question is whether or not talking to VCNA directly, before even having an answer, is a good idea?
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Update: We agreed to cover some more hours of diagnostic/engine tare down costs in order for Volvo to agree to cover the piston work. This would put us at about $1200 out of pocket. Based on our experience, all the older threads on this issue I have read and obxcnc's ongoing thread, it would seem that Volvo has a pretty established protocol for how they want dealers to handle things. And for those of us who are out or warranty and/or who bought used, they have some kind of threshold $$$ skin in the game that they want owners to hit, likely to prove how committed they are to keeping the cars after they are fixed.

So now we are waiting on parts, specialty tools, and the dealer to take of the head so they can confirm the cylinders are not damaged and the whole engine need to be replace instead.

MyVolvoS60, I get where you are going but we bought this car used at 35k miles and don't have any record of this issue with the dealer shop until after 60k+, so we are out of luck on the warranty and our state's lemon laws don't cover used cars.

meade18, it has taken a hand full of back and forth trips and several months. I would get the ball rolling sooner than later and make sure that the dealer ship is in contact with Volvo tech advisers right from the get go.
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