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2015 V60 Drive-E with bad pistons/rings

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It's official. You can add our V60 to the is list. After a hand full of visits to our local dealer, some failed attempts at fixes (second round of new plugs in less than a year, combustion chamber clean, new breather box), and an oil consumption test resulting in over a 1qt loss in in under 500 miles, the service techs and Volvo are recommending replacing the pistons. Unfortunately for me, we are out of warranty at 60k+. We are waiting to hear back this week if Volvo is going to help out with some good will, fingers crossed.

I'm mostly frustrated that I didn't come across this forum a year earlier when we first really started to notice the oil consumption between our 40k service and the first time we brought it in due to a cylinder misfire at 55k, at our neighborhood shop.

To date we have not personally spoken to VCNA. The dealer service has been pretty good, assuming they are actually honest people and you can believe what they are saying to you. They have been communicating with Volvo all along so I have not seen the need to go that rout. The question is whether or not talking to VCNA directly, before even having an answer, is a good idea?
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That famous Volvo piston rings issue has happend with many owners so far I there a lawsuit about it yet?
Also what can we do to prevent it? Is this the issue that is caused by the faulty factory spark plugs?
This might be a case for a possible buyback from volvo and you can get the new S60 ;)
I would use the buy back to get a Japanese brand . Volvo can make a good diesel truck but can't make a car . They have been putting out junk for 20 years . I wish I did more research before I bought my rattle trap . Ever wonder why you see so few Volvo's on the road ?
I honestly really love my Volvo 15.5 S60 it's efficient, faster than many of the cars in it's class, and very unique sharp design, I have no problems with mine at all except the aged infotainment system.
Maybe i'm saying that because I have the Platinum Edition with all the options in it idk.
Mercedes C, E and S class are common AF!! even if I can afford one I wouldn't get it because they're like everywhere...as common as the Prius!, and I think the same about model 3 from tesla in the comming years.
maybe it's only me idk but when I purchase a car I would like it to be unique.. and Volvo offers that at a good price!

That reminds me of those women MK and LV expensive bags..I thought it costs $20 to $40 since they're everywhere! (the janitor at work have two!) but when I checked the price for xmas gift I found online it's $300+
Great news, congratulations! I hope the loaner S60 is the loaded one those are cool!

-For those with well functioning (So far) pistons S60s what are the precautions to avoid this piston rings saga?

-Is there a year, chassis or VIN range for the affected S60s?

-How much did you guys pay for an extended warranty? I checked multiple dealerships and the prices varied significantly.. since it can be purchased online I might just buy it online from the lowest bidder!
Thank you for the details! now I will check on where I can find the engine serial number?!

-Yes for that oil!!.. after my extended research posted on my thread (Best oil for S60).. in short.. VCNA emailed me back that Volvo's 0w20 is the oil for the car (Drive-E) but we don't have it available in America so 5w30 is a good alternative. I already ordered 0w20 Liqui Moly 20200 but haven't changed the oil yet. (Good thing I noticed the packaging says oil designed for Start\Stop Engines).

-The problem with my extended warranty is that I have a reconstructed title and I'm afraid they'd use that card to deny service.. after I purchase and pay all that money.
so cutting it short for the average users.. do we need to drive those Drive-E S60s engines harder better for the pistons or easy so we don't damage the pistons rings?:partywave:
Affected vehicles are 2015 and 2016s with B4204T11 engines with serial numbers under 1501327. http://australiancar.reviews/_pdfs/Volvo_B4204T11-B4204T12_oil-consumption_TJ-31216_201604.pdf
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Just checked under the car engine cover today! oh no is that means my car might get this piston problem too? any pre-cautions to avoid it?
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