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Hi - I bought my 2015.5 XC60 (80K miles) in Nov 2020 from Volvo dealership in Charleston and performance has been great until this morning when it wouldn't start.

After attempting to start the car, the following messages/indicator lights briefly illuminated on the dashboard display (some simultaneously and some individually):

  • "Car key removed from car" Key was in the ignition
  • "i" (information symbol)
  • "DSTC Temporarily OFF" (triangle with Stability Control symbol inside)
  • ABS indicator light
  • "Key not found" Key was in the ignition
  • "ignition on" The car never started so I have no idea how the ignition was on unless stuck?

Both of my key fobs unlocked and locked the doors on the first few tries but now, neither fob will lock the doors. The brake pedal is also stiff.

The interior lights are working but I guess it could still be an issue with one of the car's batteries?

I will replace the battery in each fob but I doubt that will resolve the issue. If at all possible, I would like to avoid taking it to the dealership as I was laid off from work in NYC and spent thousands moving to Charleston as soon as my NYC apartment lease ended.

I'm very comfortable with performing maintenance/repairs that do not require a trip to the dealership.

Please help.



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