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2015.5 s60 T5 clicking/ticking noise when accelerating

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Has anyone experience this issue? I have a 2015.5 S60 T5, when accelerating, I get this ticking/clicking noise for about a second or so. And it feels like its losing power. Usually occurs between 3k to 4K rpm. I feel like I don't get that quick torch. Any idea?
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it seems to occur multiple times but not when i am already cruising at higher speed. If I were to stop and go again I will hear it again esp If I step hard on the accelerator, I can usually hear it but it only last for about 1 to 2 seconds. anyway to turn the ABS self check off to test?
This is the Drive-e turbo model.

as I start driving, I usually don't accelerate rightaway coming out of my street, but when I get to the main road, I step on it and I would usually hear it at that time.
I have scheduled an appointment with the dealership so will know soon.
If the quality of the gas is poor enough, or there is water in the gas, it could be possible. The engine can only compensate so much and still run.
what grade do you recommend? I have been using regular so far since Volvo said I can use that. I will try premium on my next fill up and test that out.
Like zircular said try 93, from a name brand station (Exxon, Shell, Sunoco etc). It makes sense that you hear the popping in that RPM range if it is indeed pinging. Regular gas can do that in a turbo car if its of a low quality. Yes Volvo says you can use it, but they also say performance will degrade.
Thanks... will try with 93. I will let you know how it goes.
OK so after putting 93, I still heard the clicking/ticking noise when accelerating but it wasn't as bad or loud as when I was using regular gas. Volvo service also didn't find anything since everything checked out OK and they weren't able to reproduce the noise plus there was not error code in the system. But they did update the software on the car.

#31295479-5 - 2.0 Service update (software update)

anyone know how can I find out what this update did?

I will continue to use 93 and see how it works out for me.

Thanks for all the help and ideas.
even with using 93, I still have the clicking noise. I got the same response from volvo tech there was no fault code and they could not replicate the issue.
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