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2015.5 s60 T5 clicking/ticking noise when accelerating

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Has anyone experience this issue? I have a 2015.5 S60 T5, when accelerating, I get this ticking/clicking noise for about a second or so. And it feels like its losing power. Usually occurs between 3k to 4K rpm. I feel like I don't get that quick torch. Any idea?
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On my 2015.5 XC60 T5 Drive-E I had the same issue. They replaced the spark plugs and since than(approximately 1.5yrs ago) had no issue. It is true though that since, I used only premium gasoline - this was my preference nobody asked me to do it.

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1 1/2 years ago , is that when Volvo had the recall for that or was this your 2nd. plug change ?
There wasn't any recall at least here in Canada, I have been 3 or 4 times to the dealer complaining about car symptoms. They finally replaced the spare plugs after explaining them that this remedy was chosen by other dealers.
I had the same issue with my XC60 Drive_e T5.

There is a flaw with some of the initial drive e engines due to piston rings tighter tolerance. Due to this issue the engine will start eating oil and lose power when suddenly accelerating with a clicking noise.

Solution (for my car): Volvo replaced the pistons and rings in a goodwill. Since then, there are few months since, I don’t have these problems anymore.
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