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2014 S60 T5 AWD Knocking hard

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I have had this car for 2 years (purchased used) and have put about 25-30k miles on it (currently at 72k miles). I had noticed that it did burn a little oil but never enough that I felt I needed to top up between changes. While in Western NC on windy mountain roads car would occasionaly give a metalic pinging or knocking noise on corners and oil light would come on briefly. Oil was 1 qt. low so I topped up and problem went away. Drove car from NC to SW FL and kept an eye on the oil, seemed fine. On a 50 mile drive one day engine started knocking (oil level was fine) so I headed for home, by the time I got home engine was knocking hard so I have stopped driving.

Question, what is the mechanical failure and is it an engine replacement or repair? I'm trying to determine if I have it fixed or just sell as is.

Video of car running if it helps

BTW this will be my first T5 Engine (6 in total) to ever fail on me (or I on it, depending on how you look at it). :facepalm:

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions.
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That sounds pretty bad :(. Sounds like shot bearings from the description I've heard of that issue ("slapping" noise).
That is a shame..
Maybe something in the valvetrain, like a broken tappet. Remove the oil fill cap and see if the sound is right there.

Rod knock would sound like it's coming from lower in the engine, I imagine.
+1 stuck tappet... I have the same sound on my 98 C70, though it has 325K+ miles on it.
Sound is definitely coming from the lower passenger side of the engine.
The tappets are solid, so it isn't that. Won't know until some inspection is performed. I'd start with rod bearings and hope that's it.
Sounds like a rod knock to me. Valve train ticking doesn't have as deep a noise in my limited experience.
Big end bearings. If you caught it in time they can be replaced with just taking the pan down if there’s no damage to the crank or rods.
Hi. Did you solved this engine noise problem ?
I think i have same issue with 2012 S60 T5 (2.5). Adding video link -
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