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2013 xc90, connecting to bluetooth freezes head unit after misfire from aging coil/spark plug

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complicated title, i know.

My wife was driving our xc90 on the highway when it started acting like it wanted to stall out with a full tank. She pulled over and I had it towed immediately to a volvo shop. They said it was misfiring pretty badly due to aging coils so we gritted our teeth, replaced all of them and the plugs then went about our day.

I took the car out a day or two later and noticed i couldnt get my phone to connect correctly. I was able to connect it to a point - it would connect, say "synchronizing motion_addict's iphone" then it would get stuck after that finished, seizing up the entire head unit. The phone will be playing but nothing is happening on the car end and I am unable to hit exit, adjust volume or use any controls, nothing works til i hit airplane mode on my phone and sever the connection. I removed our devices from the menu and re-added them but the issue persists.

I called the dealer they said they didnt touch anything to do with the bluetooth module, basically saying maybe it happened on our end before we brought it end. Is there anything that sticks out to you all, or any other information i could add that may help figure out a solution? I've got 2 kids who can't handle car rides without their steady dose of babyshark so we all thank you in advance
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Yeah, nothing stands out from the work. The battery doesn't need to be disconnected to change out coils and spark plugs. I don't have Bluetooth in my XC90 being a 2008, but I know for newer vehicles in general that have it, sometimes the phone, especially iPhones, will update the software and there is some kind of incompatibility.

The recommended first step is to unpair both ends and try to re-pair. Sometimes you have to change the name of devices or the iPhone so it does establish a completely new connection and not use saved info. Sometimes you have to change the type of BT connection, like if it's in car mode or not, because iPhone may seek to initiate Carplay.
Spark plugs & coils have nothing to do with the bluetooth of the radio, just making sure you're aware of that.

Best next steps would be to do as @ChitownV mentioned, remove any saved settings/devices on both ends (car and phone), and attempt to repair. The bluetooth in the 2012-2014 XC90s is pretty lackluster and basic - and I've also seen odd issues like yours. Re-pairing has always resolved them, though we don't have iPhones.
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