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Hoping someone can clarify this program for me. Volvo has advertised this as a 5 year coverage with all the gingerbread one could ask for. Pretty cool if you ask me.

If you decide to lease rather than purchase, the term of the coverage is based on the lease contract term and based on 12,000 miles per year. Ok I understand that too

If I lease for 36 months and choose 15,000 miles per year, my S&S coverage expires at 36,000 miles (well before the 36 months)

My question is at 36,001 since the S&S coverage has expired, is the vehicle out of warranty coverage? Would I still have the balance of the 48mo/50,000 factory warranty or am up a creek without a paddle?

Basically does S&S coincide with the Factory Warranty and when the S&S expires would factory warranty still be valid till that expires
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