Items For Trade:

Listen, I love my S60 so much, which is why I almost can’t believe I’m entertaining the idea of trading it or even selling.
The reason why is this is my 6th car I’ve ever owned, and especially considering I took out a loan for this car, I was hoping to finally have a car that’s in great condition, and that I can start modding. Well, this car is in fair condition, and so far I’ve just been spending money chasing away problems the previous owner didn’t bother addressing.
What exactly is wrong with the car? Currently, the AWD system is intermittent, meaning that every now and then when you start the car it tells you that AWD is disabled; I’m guessing the differential fluid wasn’t replaced. Transmission fluid is due for a change as well. The slight surface rust on the left rear quarter panel. There’s dents throughout the car that I had nothing to do with, as well as scratched paint. Rear bumper cover is in rough shape; there’s paint chips everywhere on it. It needs a rear alignment as well. The tires are mismatched too front to rear from when I got it. The shift lever is also cracked although that doesn’t affect operation of the car. The smart key access system on the car doesn’t work except for the trunk and left rear door too unfortunately.
As far as things I planned on fixing but I haven’t yet got to, I have a steering wheel that’ll replace the slightly worn out one that I have now. I also have ceramic brake pads and slotted front rotors waiting to be installed.
As far as things that’s been fixed, the A/C didn’t work when I got it but it was fixed with a week. A wheel was bent and now it’s unbent. Battery and alternator were replaced as well.
The car still drives great and has no warning lights. It’s a Platinum model too so it’s equipped with keyless start, navigation, backup camera, active bending xenon headlights, and parking sensors. Mine has blind spot monitoring too; pretty much everything except for the technology package. My car has aftermarket 18” wheels although in the same size as the factory 18s.

If someone has a similarly equipped 6-cylinder S60, and is willing to trade, hit me up. I don’t care what year it is and I’m pretty generous with miles. Just thought I’d shoot my shot. Let me know what you have.

Will Trade For:

Another S60 T6, 2011-2016, 170k miles or below.