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I've sold my 2013 S60 T6 but have some parts left over for sale. I should mention that I am located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Buyer pays for shipping in all instances, prices listed below are USD.

19" x 8" ET 42 BBS CK wheels with 235/35 ZR19 Continental ExtremeContact UHP A/S and tire pressure sensors: $1500
Skidplate: $80
H and R 15mm wheel spacers (2): $90
Lower Rear Crossmember Brace: $60
Lower Rear Brace: $80
R-Design Strut Bar: $125 (paid $405 for it(!), but I see the Ultra version is $150)
WeatherTech floorliners, front and rear, black: $150.

The Ultra braces, especially the lower rear brace, don't look "nice" due their factory white colour being worse for wear underneath a 4-season, daily driven car but they definitely work well. I installed, and later removed, both at the same time so I can't say if one has more impact than the other but combined they made the car feel much less flabby and imprecise in its handling.



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