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Hi All,

I need some guidance - the passenger electric seat will only move on the left side - the right side seems stuck.
I've looked under the seat and can see a red and green wire that are damaged.
Could these be the issue or do these wires control something else?
Also, is any one else's underside of the seat rusted as well?
Are there any tips you can pass on that I can try troubleshoot?



PS I am in Australia so the car is RHD
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I’m not an expert on the seats, so hoping someone else will chime in. But i am electrically savvy enough to know that those bare wires need to be repaired - if they’re shorting, whatever they connect to will likely fail.

Were those wires caught up somehow, or have you had mice in the vehicle? If it’s the latter, lay some mouse bait now because they make a huge mess and won’t stop there.

To repair, at a minimum make sure there’s electrical tape around each individual bare wire, then tape all that together. If you know how to solder well, I’d cut, put some heat shrink on, solder back together and then cover the solder and heat the heat shrink.

Hope this helps. By the way, I’m originally from Melbourne but now living in the US. My wife and I love our 2011 XC70 T6 - it’s been an amazing car. All the best!
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