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Hi All,

I need some guidance - the passenger electric seat will only move on the left side - the right side seems stuck.
I've looked under the seat and can see a red and green wire that are damaged.
Could these be the issue or do these wires control something else?
Also, is any one else's underside of the seat rusted as well?
Are there any tips you can pass on that I can try troubleshoot?



PS I am in Australia so the car is RHD
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It would help to do a root-cause analysis of how that wire harness got damaged. Then, as Rowie suggests, the wiring needs to be repaired.

Undo the 4 floor bolts that hold down the seat, then tilt it back to access the underside. It will be challenging to unbolt the seat with the motors not working. I've done this on my 2015 (to replace a broken seatbelt clasp), and running the seat forward and back to access the 4 bolts was part of the drill. Try an alligator clip cable to "jumper" any severed wires as an interim.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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