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I removed the OSD supplied plastic license frame and found the factory steel bracket mounted with two T5 Torx metric bolts. The rear bracket had five plastic bumpers mounted in bracket holes whose purpose is to keep license from being deformed by the bolt heads. My modification was to place two rubber washers on the bolts between the steel bracket and the painted sheet metal to minimize future paint damage. The license frame was modified to eliminate the lower logan "Factory Delivery Center". The license plate stud caps will be painted black to match the frame.

car side of license bracket with eighth inch thick rubber washers on the two T5 bolts.

License side with five black plastic standoffs so license can clear bolt heads.

Bracket mounted with two rubber washers to separate steel bracket from painted sheet metal.

New rear license plate in place.

Next thread will show mounting a rubber Flexyframe on the front of the S80
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