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Hi Guys!

I want to flush my transmission fluid on my 2011 Volvo XC70 .

From the model year 2011 Volvo has upgraded the TF-80SC transmission to Generation II.

After this update the recommended oil also changed based on VIDA to a low viscosity one:

TF-80SC Model Year -2010 Generation I - 1161540 & 1161640

TF-80SC Model Year 2011 Generation II - 31256774 & 31256775

I'm planning to replace these unreasonably expensive Volvo oils to other brands.

As the transmission produced by Aisin Warner (owned by Toyota) I found the followings:

- Aisin Premium ATF 6 (Compatible with 4-5-6 gears and the Gen I standard 1161540 )

- Aisin Premium ATF 6+ FE (Compatible with 7+ gears and JWS 3324 and Toyota WS which is probably 31256774 , but no Volvo reference in the data sheet)

I'm also asked the official Aisin support and they recommeded the ATF 6 oil which is confusing. What I know that the two type of oil are not mixable.

Has anybody used one of these oils on his/her GEN II TF-80SC transmission?

If you guys can recommend me other alternatives I would be very happy.

Thank you in advance,
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