Hello All!
I am deciding to move on from my very good condition Volvo C30 R-design, as I am looking to consolidate my stable, and save money for a down payment on a property. I have owned the car for a little over a year, and I am the third owner. I decided last fall I wanted to try to put my money into something physical that I could enjoy, and hopefully the car would hold it’s value over time. I planned on keeping this car for at least three years, if not longer, when I bought it. I’ve only put a little less than 2k miles on it since I bought it (500 miles coming just from the drive home from Ohio), and if I kept the car, that would be my goal to minimize miles on the car to maintain it’s value.

I’ll describe the car in three areas; exterior, interior, and mechanical. I’ll also give what I believe is the overall condition on a scale of 10.

This car was mainly in Ohio most it’s life, and did not face the harsh winterized roads that upstate NY produces, that’s why I traveled to buy it. The car spent all of last winter in storage, and I keep it garaged everyday since I’ve owned it. In my ownership, the car has barely seen wet roads, as it is my weekend car, so I only take it out if it’s nice out. There is hardly any rust on the frame, and the only component with considerable rust is the exhaust, but it’d be classified as surface rust, nothing major.
The car sits low to the ground, so it has scrapes on the front bumper. The previous owner also produced some curb rash on the rims, however, it isn’t that noticeable in my opinion. Not compared to other rims that are light grey, the darker grey seems to hide it pretty well. There are a couple door dings, and on the driver side door, the car sustained some kind of abrasion that has a small amount of paint missing. There is also a very small stone chip in the windshield, I believe it could be fixed without replacing it. It was there when I bought the car, and it hasn’t gotten any larger since then. Lastly, the passenger side mirror is somewhat loose, and at highway speeds it will vibrate. Overall, the car looks great from a few feet away, and the wax I just did really makes it shine. I’d rate the exterior a 7/10.

In excellent condition other than some fading in the driver seat. No tears or any damage besides the fading over time. The seats are very comfortable, and the front two are heated. The dirty floor mat will be cleaned by time of purchase, please excuse that, plus the pedals having some dirt on them, it’ll be completely detailed before time of pickup. I also have the trunk divider/cover that is out of the vehicle at the moment, but is included. My dog has been in the car, but only two times, so dog hair has not had the chance to go into every crevice, and the previous owner didn’t have any dogs. I don’t think an allergy would be a problem, the dog was always on a blanket, and again, only in there twice. Never smoked in either. Conclusion, I’d give the interior a 9/10 rating, a point deducted for the seat fading…

The most important part, I believe this car is ready for just about anything, at least 100k miles with attention to regular maintenance; oil & fluid changes, air filter, etc. I wouldn’t hesitate to drive it across the country. The first thing I did when I acquired the car was take it to the shop for a timing belt, idler pulley, and water pump job. This was the one thing I read about the cars that after a certain number of miles or time, the job should be done. I didn’t want to risk absolutely anything, so I just paid to have the job done, along with a turbo boost solenoid that had to be replaced. Done at 65,169 miles. The shop said it was in good shape otherwise. AC and heat work well. Brakes and suspension are good. Oil and filter were changed about 100 miles ago. I would replace the tires in the next 3-5,000 miles, they are adequate for my weekend drives, but if you are commuting in all different forms of weather, you should put new ones on. They are Pirelli’s. Overall, I would rate the mechanical condition as a 9/10.

Included with the car is a brand new cabin filter, a few oil filters, and I’ll include the 36mm socket to get the oil filter off, as that is a bit unique if you don’t have a lot of large sockets. Also, five new Volvo oem spark plugs, I was planning on replacing the existing ones over the winter.

The price reflects what I’ve seen other C30’s go for, a lot with higher mileage and without the big job performed for the timing belt. I think it is fair, I mean, you get so much car for the money, you can’t buy anything nowadays new that stands up to the combination of sleek design, manual transmission, modern interior, and pretty simple mechanical setup.

I can answer just about any questions you may have, just give me time to get back to you. I can provide additional pictures, videos, FaceTime, maintenance history, etc.

I’m hoping an enthusiast will buy this car and see the value that I do. That’s why I’m posting it here, and will give a couple days before putting out the listing on other sites. I found this car on this site last year. Besides the right price, I’ll be patient enough to find the right new owner. I’m located in Upstate NY.
CURRENTLY PENDING, will hear offers, but if deal goes through with current offer, it is unavailable.

Thanks for your time.


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