2011 Volvo V50 T5
Specs: Black, Auto trans, 2WD

Price: $7,000 firm

Background: I bought this car in November 2022 from my neighbor who had to move overseas unexpectedly for her job. I've driven the car less than 100 miles since I bought it, but it starts, runs, and drives great! Selling because my wife and I both work from home, we have a Honda SUV that we share, a baby on the way, and we are planning a cross-country move in the next 2 months! While I really like the V50, we don't have a need for a second car at the moment and I don't have time from some of the basic maintenance it might require, so this sexy black sled needs to find a new home!

Pros: Original Seattle-area car, clean Carfax report (can send upon request), not modified. Only 92K original miles. Clean title in hand. Starts and runs great. Have both factory keys. Very quick and responsive, handles nicely with a smooth yet sporty ride. Overall, this car is in really nice shape (a bit dirty in the pics due to being parked during a stray winter storm, but it cleans up great! I'll try to give it a wash and post new pics soon). The black-on-black aesthetic is really classy and modern feeling. Interior is in surprisingly good condition and leather looks nearly new aside from some typical bolster wear on the driver seat. The paint is in very good condition for the most part. Radio and Bluetooth work great. Sunroof works. All lights, signals, gauges, etc. are operable. Doors open and close smoothly. All power accessories (windows, seat, etc) seem to work as they should. Two of the tires are fairly new. The car just needs a little detailing to really look its best! Plus, this was the final year of the V50 in the U.S.!

I don't know if/when the timing belt was last serviced. Blower motor for the climate control seems to be intermittent. Two of the tires are a bit worn and should probably be replaced within the next few thousand miles. I just replaced the forward sunroof drain lines as some moisture seemed to be making its way in during the last couple winter storms while the car was parked. If I were keeping it, I'd probably replace the actual rubber sunroof seal just to be on the safe side. Lastly, there is some visible oxidation on the brake rotors due to being driven very little the past few months, but the oxidation is only superficial and the undercarriage of this car is very clean due to being a West Coast car (Seattle doesn't salt its roads during winter).

Summary: I'm not looking to make a profit here, just looking to find this cool car a new home with someone who can give it the attention it deserves! For minimal time and money, this can be a great, attractive, and very reliable vehicle for someone! If I have to start working on it, the price will go up, so snag a deal while you can!

Quick Note About the Pictures (March 2023): The pics above are a few weeks old and were taken right after a winter storm (you can see some ice/snow on the windshield in the interior pics). I did not clean the car before taking these pictures, so you are seeing the car at its absolute dirtiest! When it's washed, it really looks great! Once I get a chance in the coming days, I'll give it a proper cleaning and post some updated pics :)