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I'm new to swedespeed, I purchased a 2010 xc60 about 1.5 years ago with low mileage and I'm just starting to see issues at 95,000 miles.

My tailgate had been groaning a little and I had tried lubricating it, but it didn't help. The other day I noticed the tailgate, which I had left open, had closed itself.

I opened it and watched as it slowly sank back down. The motor opens it back up fine, and the motor closes fine.

I replaced the strut on the right side of the tailgate and there is no change, so it looks to me like there is some hydraulic or vacuum leak in the left side/motor system?

Has anyone experienced or repaired this type of issue? I found one diagram online that seemed to show hoses.

I am familiar with hydraulic convertible tops having issues, but in that case the motor either leaks and won't open the top, or the lines develop a leak and eventually the top stops going up and down.

Where could my failure point be here? A hose leak that sucks air or loses compression? I don't see any fluid leaks.

I may go take it apart now, removing the interior cover to see if I see a culprit, but any helpful information would be most appreciated.

Thank you in advance,
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