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2010 Volvo XC90?

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Hey Gang,

The rumors were flying a while back about a facelifted XC90 for the 2010 model year as they have pushed out the full redesign. Any new info out there?
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The rumours of the XC90 being cancelled were started by an article in Auto Motor Sport last year. The info spread fast to other magazines and was in some ways a demonstration how fast (mis)information can be spread on the internet. So huge was the pickup of the story Volvo contacted Auto Motor Sport and asked them to publish a correction. Volvo pointed out the nex gen XC90 was not cancelled and also a facelift was planned. It does seem the whole XC90 is delayed though...(maybe like the XC50 to the XC60 ie change of platform from P1/C1 to EUCD?) We'll find out eventually. It does seem likely the XC90 will be facelifted to look more like the new XC60, S60 or even make it more inline with the S80/V70, upcoming V60, new S40, facelifted C70 and C30 etc. When....???

Here is a copy of the Auto Motor Sport sourced article and the correction
Automotorsport Sweden have revealed that the next generation Volvo XC90 has been canceled despite launch plans in end of 2009. Sources close to AMS Sweden state the decision was made just a few days ago and supplier companies have not been informed yet.

This bold decision was influenced by several factors. The increased costs associated with the need to save weight and therefore include expensive lightweight components, plus the absence of new engines, transmissions and no hybrid technology - not even start/stop engine function, make it a hard sell. Additionally, as an indicator for market conditions in the U.S., the biggest market for large SUV's, Ford sees BMW X5 sales dropping. As a result, Ford have determined that in order to stay competitive, any new models must offer lower fuel consumption and a hybrid model.

With it's demise written on the wall, the XC90 will have another big facelift in 2009 and continue until 2012 with still, no major changes or new engines. Instead Volvo will concentrate on the upcoming XC60, smaller XC50 and even smaller XC30. However, with the slim possibility that the XC90 gets pardoned from its death sentence, it will be built on a Ford Platform.

[UPDATE 12.18.2007] Volvo officials have replied to Auto Motor Sport Sweden with a brief statement that XC90 facelift is indeed in development, however, the next generation XC90 has not been canceled. Although it is still not clear, the new XC90 will undoubtedly be built using a Ford platform to take advantage of cost savings in an effort to remain competitive as stated above. Volvo stresses that Ford does not dictate which models Volvo will build. They are more autonomous than ever and freely proceed with planning of new models with independence. By making a fresh start with a new platform, Volvo will lose a couple of years, but the benefits of having a more competitive model is worth the investment, especially as such an important vehicle to Volvo as the XC90.

Source: AutoMotorSport.se

From media.volvocars.com.....no press release detailing the 2010 Model year XC90....nor the model year 2010 S60. all other vehicles listed....interesting. They are both on sale so no change from model year 2009 or are they about to launch the facelift. It was rumoured to be facelifted this year.
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leak from a dealer. Seems to be updated in 2010
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